Descriptive Astronomy 101
Saturn Study Guide

After the "Saturn" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is Saturn's most significant feature?

What are the major components of the composition of Saturn?

Which planet is warmer: Saturn or Jupiter?

Why does Saturn appear to be duller and less dramatic in appearance than Jupiter, considering they are very similar in composition?

How do the wind speeds on Saturn compare to wind speeds on Jupiter?

Describe the interior structure of Saturn.

With which other planet is the magnetic field of Saturn most similar in terms of strength?

How large are the rings of Saturn?

Of what type of material are the rings composed?

Explain why the material found in the rings does not accrete to form a large moon or planetesimal.

What is the Roche Limit?

What is the significance of the Roche Limit?

How many moons does Saturn have?

Which one is the largest?

Why is this largest moon unique when compared to other satellites in the Solar System?

What is the composition of the atmosphere of Titan?

List and describe the features that have been observed on the surface of Titan?

What are the possible origins of the flow patterns seen on the surface of Titan?

What did the Titan-Huygens probe manage to accomplish?