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Descriptive Astronomy 101

Descriptive Astronomy 101
General Description

Planets - NASA image
(Image courtesy of NASA)

Astronomy 101 at Black Hawk College is an introductory course in astronomy. Through the use of lectures, textbook, online reading material, study guides and lab exercises, students explore and study the Solar System. The range of topics in this course is as vast as the Solar System itself. Planets, asteroids, meteorites, motions of the planets, origin and evolution of the solar system, comet and moons are but some of the subjects examined. You'll even look into the question, "Is there life on Mars?" - the answer may surprise you!

The laboratory section of this course gives students a hands-on approach to learning about the rocks, minerals and materials that make up the Solar System, impact craters, the geologic features of the planets and planetary processes. These are intended to develop your observational skills and enhance your understanding of astronomical and geologic concepts and principles which operate within the Solar System. The purchase of a telescope is not required for this course.

For those students needing a physical science lab course, this course meets those requirements.


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