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Physical Geography 101

Physical Geography 101
Grade Calculator

The final grade will be calculated according to the following weighted percentages:
    Exams, Practicals - 75%
    Lab Assignments - 25%

Calculating the Grade

Calculation of Grade using Weighted Percentages (as per the course syllabus):

Lab Score: The number of labs completed, divided by the total number of labs, multiplied times 0.25 (25%).

Exam/Practical/Paper Score: Total points earned on all exams, and lab practicals, divided by the total possible points for all exams, lab practicals and papers, multiplied by 0.75 (75%)

Add the Lab Score to the Exam/Practice/Paper Score then multiply by 100. This will be the grade for the course.

Grade Calculator

Using the buttons and boxes below, you can have this web page calculate your current grade for the course. This calculation uses the formula as shown in the information above. Scores cannot be calculated without either an exam score or lab practical score.

Lab Scores

Check off the labs that you have completed.
Lab #1: Introduction to Lab, Scientific Method
Lab #2: Metric System, Scientific Notation and Graph Analysis
Lab #3: Maps and Time
Lab #4: Insolation
Lab #6: Temperature and Thermometers
Lab #7: Temperature Cycles and Maps
Lab #8: Humidity and Orographic Precipitation
Lab #9: Barometric Pressure
Lab #10: Wind
Lab #11: Air Masses and Severe Weather Risk
Lab #12: Weather Maps

Summary Paper Scores

Lab Practical Scores

Enter the scores for the lab practicals you have completed and the total possible points for those practicals.

: Lab Practical I Score
: Lab Practical I Total Possible

: Lab Practical II Score
: Lab Practical II Total Possible

: Lab Practical III Score
: Lab Practical III Total Possible

Exam Scores

Enter the scores for the exams you have completed and the total possible points for those exams.

: Exam I Score
: Exam I Total Possible

: Exam II Score
: Exam II Total Possible

: Exam III Score
: Exam III Total Possible

: Exam IV Score
: Exam IV Total Possible

: Exam V Score
: Exam V Total Possible

: Final Exam Score
: Final Exam Total Possible

Grade Report