Physical Geography 101
Global Radiation Balance

Incoming Radiation

Main source of energy for Earth's surface
Radiation received on one hemisphere only.
ultraviolet radiation:
visible radiation:
infrared radiation:

Outgoing Radiation

Radiation from Earth to space
~1/3 all radiation is reflected into space.
Visible, IR and UV radiation are absorbed.
Reemitted as infrared radiation on night/day sides of sphere.
3 dips in outgoing radiation curve.
___________ and __________ absorb wavelengths of IR, blocking it from going into space.

Radiation Balance

Global Radiation Balance: incoming radiation equals outgoing radiation.
Changes in amounts of incoming vs. outgoing radiation have dramatic effects on global climate.


Insolation = Incoming Solar Radiation
Amount of insolation received is primarily controlled by:

Exposure Time

Daily variation:
Seasonal Variation:
Meteorological Variation:

Angle of Incoming Radiation

Daily Variation:
Seasonal Variation:
Latitude Variation:
Sun's rays strike the Earth at an angle.