Physical Geography 101
Global Wind Patterns Study Guide

After the "Global Wind Patterns" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

In an ideal model of global wind patterns, what physical parameter of the global will result in no seasonal variations?

Name the major wind and pressure belts starting at the Equator and moving poleward. (Online Practice Activity)

For each of these wind belts, describe the wind direction and wind movement.

What are the three major vertical circulation cells found within the Earth's atmosphere? (Online Practice Activity)

Describe in detail driving forces and the movement of air within these circulation cells.

Briefly describe the major differences between the ideal global wind model and the real world.

Why are the actual global wind patterns better developed in the Southern Hemisphere and so poorly developed in the Northern Hemisphere?

Describe the development and effects of the Monsoons in terms of pressure, wind belts, air movement and precipitation.

List and describe the location of the various forms of local winds.