Physical Geography 101
The Solar Sea Study Guide

After the "The Solar Sea" video you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is the main source of energy on the surface of the Earth?

List some of the Earth systems that are driven by energy from the Sun.

What are sunspots?

How are sunspots and the Sun's magnetic field connected?

How long is the sunspot cycle?

How long does it take for the Sun's magnetic field to reverse?

How have tree rings been used to study the Sun?

What is the apparent relationship between sunspot cycles and drought cycles?

Can dramatic changes in Earth's climate be linked to subtle changes in the Sun?

What is the Sun?

List some of the tools that have been used to study the Sun.

What are solar oscillations?

Explain why the study of solar oscillations is important.

Briefly explain the process that is the source of energy in the Sun.

What is the solar wind?

Where is the Earth's magnetic field generated?

How does the solar wind interact with the Earth's magnetic field?

What is the result of this interaction?

How is solar activity directly related to the Earth's ozone layer?

What was the main point(s) or theme(s) of the video?