Physical Geography 101
Temperature Structure of the Atmosphere Study Guide

After the "Temperature Structure of the Atmosphere" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is a Lapse Rate?

What is the Lapse Rate (in Metric) for the Troposphere?

List the characteristics of the Troposphere.

List the characteristics of the Stratosphere.

Between what two elevations is most of the Earth's atmosphere found?

How does air density change with elevation?

Describe a temperature inversion as compared to the normal lapse rate.

What factors can lead to the formation of a temperature inversion?

What causes annual variations in temperature?

What causes daily variations in temperature?

Why are coastal areas generally cooler than inland areas?

Describe and explain the four thermal properties of land vs. water that account for the land/water temperature variation.

Which areas show less temperature variation on an annual basis, inland or coastal areas?

Which areas show greater temperature variation on a daily basis, inland or coastal areas?