Physical Geography 101
The Solar Sea

Outline for the video The Solar Sea

This video is part of the Planet Earth series. This video is availible for online viewing from Planet Earth series". Click on the "VoD" link next to "The Solar Sea".

The outline provided below is simply a list of the major topics covered in the video and is not intended to be a substitute for viewing the video.

• Sun Worshipers - past and present
• Sun as the prime mover of weather and climate
     - Annual Sunspot Numbers Graph for 1700 - 2000
     - Monthly Sunspot Numbers Graph for 1900 - 2000
     - Monthly Sunspot Numbers Graph for 1976 - 2000
• Tree rings
• The Sun as a star
• Solar occilations
• Sun's power source
• The solar wind
• Earth's magnetosphere and interaction with the solar wind
• Earth's ozone layer


The Sun

Check the following site for more information on the Sun. They have an extensive list of links to other web pages dealing with the sun and solar research (click on "Related Links").
SunSpot Index Data Center - A Belgian Royal Observatory web site