Physical Geography 102
Glacial Landforms Study Guide

After the "Glacial Landforms" lectures and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is a glacier?

Describe the differences between snow, firn and ice.

How do glaciers form?

What is the minimum thickness of ice needed to form a glacier?

How do glaciers move?

Within which part of the glacier is flow velocity greatest? Explain why it is greatest within this part of the stream.

What are the zones of accumulation and ablation?

What is meant by the terms glacial advance and glacial retreat?

How does advance/retreat differ from glacial ice movement?

What is an ice falls? How does it form

What is a crevasse? How does it form

What are the two major settings in which glaciers are found?

List and describe the types of alpine glaciers.

What are the two largest examples of continental glaciers in the world today?

Define and describe the following ice forms: Ice Shelf, Ice Pack, Sea Ice, Icebergs