Physical Geography 102
Tectonic Structures Study Guide

After the "Tectonic Structures" lectures and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is the difference between tectonics and Plate Tectonics?

What are the three forms of stress and how do they behave on earth materials?

In general, how do rocks behave when stress is applied to them?

Describe the difference between stress and strain?

Define ductile and brittle deformation and describe the difference between them.

Describe the structure or shape of each of the major fold forms.

For each of the major fold forms what is the stress that has been applied?

Describe the difference between a joint and a fault?

What two criteria are needed to classify a fault?

Draw a diagram showing the major features of a fault.

For each of the major fault forms, describe the relative motion, fault plane orientation, and stress that has been applied.

Describe the similarities and differences between a horst and a graben?

How does a graben differ from a half-graben?