Physical Geography 102
Volcanoes Study Guide

After the "Volcanoes" lectures and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is the definition of a landform?

What does the word geomorphology mean?

What are the internal and external landform formation processes? How do these processes differ?

Describe the various pyroclastic materials and deposits.

What are the size classifications of tephra?

How does this size classification compare to that for clastic sediments?

What are lava flows?

What is the primary control on the style of lava flow that will develop during an eruption? Be specific.

Describe the appearance of each of these flows.

Describe the three types of lava flows.

What is a volcano?

Describe each of the major types of volcanoes in terms of composition, volcanic material, shape and volcanic features.

What are the names, types and location of the volcanoes that were studied by your professor for his Master's Thesis?

What are flood basalts and how do they differ from normal lava flows?

Explain how a caldera forms?

What is the significance of hot springs?

What are two main types of erosional remnants of volcanoes?

Why are these two features not eroded away with the rest of the volcano?