Regional Geography 105
Introductory Notes to The Berlin Conference of 1884-85

"H. L. Wesseling and G. N. Uzoigwe provide general evaluations of the significance of the Berlin Africa Conference, the first from a European, the second from an African vantage point. They do not agree on the actual place to be allotted to the Berlin Africa Conference in the history of the partition. On this point the differences of opinion are as wide as ever. In any case it was an event of major importance which, as Wesseling shows, in some ways can be compared to the Yalta Conference of February 1945, which effectively sanctioned the partition of Germany and Europe by the allied powers, although it surely did not bring it about. The place which the Berlin Africa Conference deserves in the history of European imperialism, but also in the history of Africa, surely will remain a much disputed issue for a long time to come."

Map Showing European Advance into Central and East Africa

Above map and quote from the Preface by W.J. Mommsen are from Bismarck, Europe and Africa, S. Forster, W.J. Mommsen and R. Robinson (eds.), ISBN 0-19-920550-0