Regional Geography 105
Exam II - Study Questions

WARNING - The content of this exam is subject to change prior to the exam date.

PART I - Questions

This exam will contain multiple choice questions and true/false statements. It may also contain one or more of the following items: matching and fill-in-the-blank statements. Material for these questions will come from lecture material, CoursePack reading assignments, web page reading assignments and the homework assignments.

PART II - Essays

One essay topics from the list below will be selected by the instructor and listed on the exam. Students will then write a full essay on this topic. Only the selected essay topic will be accepted for credit.

1. Discuss the term "Latin America". Why are the Middle and South American Realms often called "Latin America"? Why has the term "Latin America" been applied to Middle and South America? How has the term "Latin America" been misapplied to Middle and South America? Also discuss the term "Banana Republic" and its implications in Central and South America.

2. State the basic tenets of Environmental Determinism. Discuss why this theory developed, and why it has since been rejected. State how this theory has sparked valid research.

3. Describe the Peace Corps, including the history of the formation, the 3 goals, sectors, requirements for becoming a volunteer and training. Discuss how your current college major could be useful in the service of the Peace Corps. Would you be willing or interested in serving in the Peace Corps? Explain why or why not.

4. Discuss the five South American Cultural Spheres as proposed by John Augelli. Briefly describe the location and the major cultural features of each of these spheres. Discuss the larger purpose of Augelli's work in Latin America.

5. Briefly describe the ecological relationship between the Amazon River, the annual flooding that occurs along the river, and the people that live there. What are some of the problems which threaten to destroy the delicate ecological balance along the flooded forest and river in the Amazon Basin? How is Amazon forest being destroyed?

PART III - Homework

Homework #2: Given the appropriate data and equations, be able to calculate the HDI for a country, and determine its level of development.