Regional Geography 105
Exam IV - Study Questions

WARNING - The content of this exam is subject to change prior to the exam date.

PART I - Questions

This exam will contain multiple choice questions and true/false statements. It may also contain one or more of the following items: matching and fill-in-the-blank statements. Material for these questions will come from lecture material, CoursePack reading assignments, web page reading assignments and the homework assignments.

PART II - Essays

One essay topics from the list below will be selected by the instructor and listed on the exam. Students will then write a full essay on this topic. Only the selected essay topic will be accepted for credit.

1. Describe the various aspects of resource conservation, including renewable and nonrenewable resources, recycling and resource management. Discuss the implication of resource conservation in China. Briefly describe your personal efforts at resource conservation.

2. The statement "China is eternal" has been used to describe the attitude of the people of China. What physiographic, philosophical, cultural, political and economic factors have contributed to this statement?

3. What is the relationship between modernization/industrialization and natural resources? In other words, if a nation wishes to become industrialized, as Japan did in the 1868 to 1919 period, what sort of demand does that place on natural resources? How was Japan able to modernize in light of their natural resource situation? Briefly discuss the successes and difficulties of Japan's military empire building, and their successes and difficulties after World War II.

4. Briefly outline the major events leading up to the Indochina and Vietnam Wars, including how the United States became involved in Vietnam and combat in the Vietnam War. What are the significances of the Tet Offensive and the 1972 Offensive? How did the Vietnam War end? What is the Domino Theory, and how did this theory influence the activities of the United States during the course of the Vietnam War?

5. How does European treatment of the Aboriginees in Australia compare to European and American treatment of Native Americans? What is being done currently in Australia to address the issue of reconciliation?

PART III - Final Exam Essay

An additional essay topic will be given at the time of the exam. Everyone must answer this topic. No further information will be given on this topic (so don't ask!).

PART IV - Homework

Homework #4: Given the appropriate data, be able to calculate the arithmetic and physiologic population densities for a country. Given the appropriate data, be able to calculate the population growth rate for a country. Be able to construct and interpret a population pyramid. Be able to determine the stage of development and interpret specific features on a demographic transitions graph. Give a map of population distribution, be able to determine which factors influence that distribution pattern.