Regional Geography 105
Heartland and Rimland

Summary Paper:
An in-class discussion of the articles dealing with the Heartland and Rimland Theories will be held during the class period. This discussion topic will cover the reading articles by Mackinder and Spykman which present opposing views on this issue. Students will summarize each article and present their poistion on the issue in a three page paper. This paper will then form the basis for a classroom student discussion and debate of the topic. Below are the specific instructions for preparation of the summary paper.

Summary Paper Assignment:
Assignment: Summarize the two articles by Sir Halford Mackinder (The Geographical Pivot of History) and Nicholas J. Spykman (The Geography of the Second World War). Each summary must include the following information:
     1. Author's thesis (i.e. their position or theory)
     2. Author's major points supporting their position.

****WARNING: Your summary paper is just that - a summary of what the author is saying in their article. It is not about what others have said about the article. Essentially, you are writing an abstract for the article. For more information about abstracts, see the Wikipedia Abstract article.

Summary Format: Each summary is to be a maximum of one page. Summaries must be typed (no handwritten assignments will be accepted). Page format is to be a standard one inch margins, double line spacing, 12 point font size, and Arial font style.

Cover Page / Student Position: You must also have a cover page which has your name, class name, and date. Additionally, it must contain a one to two paragraph statement indicating your position regarding the two articles. State with which article and theory you think best matches, best explains today's global geopolitical reality, and briefly explain why you agree with this author and theory.

Submission of Assignment: Two copies of the assignment are to be submitted - a printed copy and an electronic copy of the assignment are to be submitted by the due date. The paper copy will be due in class on the assignment due date (see the Syllabus for the specific date). A MS Word formatted document (.doc or .docx file extension) electronic copy of the assignment will be submitted through Canvas or e-mailed as a file attachment to the instructor by the due date.

Class Discussion: Be prepared to discuss the two papers, the author's theory and evidence, and your position regarding the articles.

****Discussion for this topic will consist of going through the Mackinder and Spykman articles paragraph by paragraph. It is strongly recommended that you have these articles printed out for class, and that you number the paragraphs so that you may easily follow along with the analysis of each article.