Regional Geography 105
Africa: A History Denied Study Guide

After watching the video and reading the "Africa: A History Denied" articles you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

Traditionally, how has history been kept in Africa?

What are the problems with this form of record keeping?

In what country is Mapungubwe located?

What does the word "Mapungubwe" mean?

What significant archeological site is located at the top of the mesa of Mapungubwe?

What are some of the artifacts found at Mapungubwe?

Where have these artifacts been kept, and why have they rarely been shown to the public?

In what country is Great Zimbabwe located?

During European colonial occupation, what was the name of the country where Great Zimbabwe is located?

What does the name Great Zimbabwe mean?

What is Great Zimbabwe?

Who built Great Zimbabwe?

Briefly describe what the Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe was like during the 14th Century.

Which modern ethnic group is considered to be the descendants of the builders of Great Zimbabwe?

What did Great Zimbabwe trade with the coastal Swahili?

This trade network extended from Great Zimbabwe to _______________________________________________?

What is Qanbatu?

Islam began to spread along the east coast of Africa around 1000 AD. Why did the Swahili adopt Islam?

Why did Europeans deny African history?

Why did Arabs deny African history?

Why did Africans deny their own history?

"All societies select what they want to remember, but only Africans have been totally denied a history of their own for so long." - Dr. Ali A. Mazrui