Regional Geography 105
Australia Study Guide

After the lecture and reading the "Australia" articles you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

Using the course atlas or other sources, what is the current population of Australia?

Officially, when did Australia's population surpass 20,000,000, according to the Australian census bureau?

In which to large areas of the country is most of Australia's population located?

How does the area of Australia compare to that of the contiguous United States?

In general terms, what are the major climate types of Australia?

What are some of Australia's major mineral resources?

For which gemstone is Australia famous?

Which country presently receives most of Australia's exports?

How many sheep are there currently in Australia?

Why does Australia have so many sheep?

Is Australia an independant country or a member of the United Kingdom?

When were the first convicts sent to Australia? How many were the in the firse shipment? Where did they land?

Total, how many convicts were sent from the United Kingdom to Australia?

During the westward expansion of the United States, how were Native American generally treated?

How did the treatment of Australian Aboriginees differ from the treatment of Native Americans?

What is Indigenous Self-Management?

What is the significance of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act of 1976?

What other efforts are being made towards reconciliation with the indigenous Australians?

According to Australian Aboriginees, what is "The Dreaming"?

What are the names of the two main islands that comprise New Zealand?

Many of the small islands of the Pacific are atolls (also called coral atolls). What is an atoll and how does it form?