Regional Geography 105
Japan: Path to Modernization Study Guide

After the lecture and reading the "Japan: Path to Modernization" articles you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

Prior to 1868, what was the country of Japan like in terms of political structure and development?

Who arrived in Japan in 1549, and what were they doing there?

Eventually, what did the shogunate do in response to these activities?

What is Sakoku?

How long did Sakoku last?

What was Japan like at the end of Sakoku?

Japan learns of advances gained in the Industrial Revolution, and see other Asian nations becoming colonial holdings of Europe. What is Japan's response to these developments?

When does the United States arrive in Japan?

What were the reasons the United States was interested in making contact and establishing relations with Japan?

What was the result of this contact?

What is the Meiji Restoration?

What did Japan need to do to become a modern nation?

During the modernization process, which other country did Japan model themselves after?

At its root, what does it take to modernize a nation?

What does it take to go from underdeveloped to developed?

What was the result of Japan's attempt at military empire building?

When military empire building failed, how did Japan proceed?

What is the economy of Japan like today?

Describe the spatial limitations and population density of Japan.

Briefly describe food production in Japan.