Regional Geography 105
Middle America Study Guide

After the lecture and reading the "Middle America" articles you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What are the major cultural characteristics of the Rimland culture areas in Middle America?

What are the major cultural characteristics of the Mainland culture areas in Middle America?

Which four European powers were the main colonial influence in Middle America?

How was the term banana republic originally defined?

How is the term banana republic defined today?

What distinguishes Honduras as a banana republic in the past from the banana republics that existed in the neighboring Central American countries?

What does it mean today to call a country a banana republic?

What are the five steps in the traditional practice of slash and burn agriculture?

Under which circumstances does this practice work best?

What are some of the current cultural and environmental problems associated with this practice?

Name and describe the locations of the 8 cultural hearths.

How do cultural hearths develop?

What is environmental determinism?

Why was this theory considered by many to be ill-founded and racist?

What is the importance of environmental determinism?