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Regional Geography 105

Regional Geography 105
General Description

Stonehenge, England

Regional Geography is an introductory course in geography. The course is a traditional lecture-style class. Through the use of lectures, periodical articles, internet articles, selected research articles, and homework exercises, students explore and study the regions and realms of the world. The realms examined in this course include North America, Middle America, South America, Europe, North Africa & Southwest Asia, Subsaharan Africa, Russia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific. Each realm is used to highlight the various ways in which geographers study human realms. History, economics, culture, politics, geomorphic features, and environments are all parts of how a realm is defined. Key aspects of each realm are examined to help students gain a better appreciation for the world around them. Daily discussions often use current events in international news to highlight topics covered during lecture.

Students will learn and be able to identify the countries of the world. Homework assignments are designed to allow student to explore the various human aspects of each of the realms, including the international system of measurement, longitude and latitude location system, the United Nations' Human Development Index, political boundaries and territorial morphology, and population demographics.

Students may also be asked to complete selected projects for this course, such as term research papers, oral presentations, in-class debates, and research article summary papers.


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