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Meteorology 106
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take good notes, they are important for tests. Also spend a good amount of time reading the book and notes.

Take advantage of the study guides and start early on them! The tests are tricky but use those study guides and it will be a hell of a lot easier. :)

Good attendance and adequate studying is a requirement. The class itself is okay but personally since I had no interest in the material it was hard for me to want to go to class and even harder to spend any time studying. I passed the course but could have done much better.

Study often

Although this subject is easy, this course was intense. The homework is hard, i highly recommend going to the tutor for each assignment. The tests are even harder, but use the study guides and if you are taking a lot of classes already I don't recommend taking this course, there is hardly any time to really study and get a good grade. The instructor is nice.

I was a little nervous at first at the beginning of the course, because it seemed intimidating. But as time went on, I found it to be an interesting course. It's nice to know about the weather happening around you since it does effect you everyday. If you actually pay attention and just attend the classes to get the notes then you should do just fine in this course. The notes really help when filling out the study guides, and as long as you study the study guides and skim through the chapters, the tests should go smoothly.

You can succeed in this class. All you have to do is keep up. Go to every class and take notes. Pay attention and study for tests. Use the study guides on the class website!! They really help. That's it. It's not a class you can blow off, but it's not a hard class if you just give it some effort. Take it seriously.

This course is a very interesting course and you will get to learn different aspects as to how our weather and temperature works. I recommend to really pay attention, not miss any lectures and to start working on the study guides right away. Also, working with a tutor helps a lot. Specially when it comes to the homework. This course does not really have extra credit, doesn't offer more assignments for extra points, and it requires full undivided attention.

You've made a good choice in selecting this class. There will be a lot of very interesting material covered over the course of the next few months, that will give you a better understanding of how our planet works. Although the tests are not easy, but if you put in enough time and effort to understand the material you will do just fine.

Do not take this course. SERIOUSLY. The teacher is absolutely horrible. There is no extra credit assignments. You will most likely fail every test you take so don't even bother taking this class. GET A DIFFERENT TEACHER NOWWWW. This teacher is boring and not fun.

Do not procrastinate on the homework assignments. Do not wait until the night before because you will more than likely have questions and it isn't something you can get done in 20 minutes.

Don't take the course unless you have the time to study diligently. Ask questions, stay engaged in the classes. Use the study guides simultaneously with the lecture note guides that are provided. The study guides help you see how Harwood asks questions on the exams.

Professor Harwood is an excellent teacher and loves the subject he teaches. If you don't do the work and study hard you will not do good in this course. Take notes everyday and read the book and you should do just fine. If you don't like weather and don't care to learn about it, I wouldn't reccommend this course.

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Come to class take good notes, take advantage of the lecture outlines and study guide that are on the course website.

This course is a lot of work, and I feel like if you are looking to fill an elective pick something else. The amount of work in this course is ridiculous, and the homework often doesn't make sense and is written in a confusing manner.

The lectures are fantastic. You don't need to crack open a textbook because the man knows his stuff. The problem is if you skip a day or you get sick, you're going to miss a ton of shit. He moves through the material quickly, which doesn't seem that quick if you're attending every class, but i could see how it would be easy to get behind. The homework amount isn't bad; he gives you PLENTY of time to get it done. They take a long time to finish, but they weren't necessarily difficult. You must study for the tests. Period. He's a great professor, but he covers a lot and if you don't get your act together, you won't do well. I was a student that never, ever did good in science classes. For some reason, the material would never stick with me. But in this class, I could leave every day knowing that I had actually learned something. However, I do not feel like my grade reflected how much I learned. It was frustrating towards the end of the semester when I felt that I was just bursting with knowledge but didn't have the grade to show for it.

If science isn't easy for you, don't take this class. You need to be science minded to get it!!

I would like to say that this course is not going to be easy. There is no easy grade in this course. If you chose this professor, don't worry he is a good one, but you need to convince yourself that this class is going to be different. It is going to be different because you have to work hard to pass it ; no matter how smart you are. Believe me this course is not effortless!!!! make sure you understand the material, and don't miss any class. Take notes and prepare your exams as much as you can. I wish you the best of luck!

This course is not easy, harder than you think. You must put time into it and study hard for the exams. Study guides help a lot and studying in a group worked great for me as well. Homework is hard and will take time so dont procrastinate. Dont buy the book because it is never used. All exams are over the notes taken in class, so go to class. Overall class was hard but the effort put in reflects the grade.

This was a really hard class, I would expect this in a degree specific schedule not a general elective to fill physical science. I don't feel like I learned a lot because there was too much information. I feel like there should have been a prep class just for this class. Professor Harwood was really nice and approachable, extremely knowledgeable as well. This class made me cry more than once.

Future Stundents, I wish you luck in this course. Some of the material can be a bit of a challenge to some but if you keep improving and understanding the material you will be very successful in this class, also any specific question he ask just say Valcanoes because he loves those!

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This class is both challenging and interesting.

This course was really enjoyable in my opinion. It does take some work to study for the tests because they are thorough and a BIG part of the grade. Homework assignments are not easy but always doable. If you're looking for a class that is passable but not mind-numbing, take this! It's interesting and Professor Harwood is extremely brilliant and approachable if you need help. I HATE physical science and I liked this class.

This course is very interesting but it takes a lot of effort if you want to maintain a good grade.

I am not a major fan of anything science related, and at first this class was a little intimidating. Right after my first test I was ready to drop but i tried to stick it out for a couple more weeks and I'm glad I did. This class turned out to be one of my favorite classes. The material is very interesting to i was more willing to study, you actually get to learn a lot about what goes on in the atmosphere and stuff like how tornadoes, hurricanes, and even how clouds form. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. The tests can be hard but if you do the study guides he provides for you on his website and glance at the diagrams in the book you will do very well in the class.

Don't take this course if you don't have a lot of time on your hands. There is a TON of information and you have to memorize a LOT of it for tests and homework assignments. You really won't need the book, though. I don't think we used it once. If you do have a lot of time to devote to the class, and are willing to put in some effort,it's not too bad.

I am a Geography major, soon to take Masters level courses, who took this class for fun. This was not like other classes in this discipline in focusing on retraining people to comprehend confusing and random homework assignments and intentionally tricky tests. There is a curve to this class, the statistical average curve where inevitably half of the class will do poorly and half alright. The difficulty should be at an introductory level, and while the concepts are the questions are artificially manipulated to make easily enough understood materials guesswork. I would advise against taking this class unless you are a Geology major or understand this discipline only the way Professor Harwood does.

Hello! This is an overall fun class. I suggest that you try to come to classeveryday though. What we go over in class is essentially everything that is going to be on the test. He likes to change some of the words around on the tests so make sure you memorize both the definition and word carefully. Also, it is mostly power points, so be careful and bringing caffeine may beneeded. Thanks, and good luck!

If you don't want to work, don't take this class. It is probably the hardest course I have taken while at Black Hawk, and you NEED to be prepared to put in the time and effort to pass with a decent grade. Professor Harwood is very passionate about the subject and will teach you, but you have to show up every day and put in all the effort.

To be honest, I was REALLY scared at the beginning of this class, and I didn't think I was going to survive it. (And you won't if you're someone who never studies.) But then I was so relieved when exam time came and it wasn't horrifying, in fact, I really like the layout of the tests - multiple choice, matching, T/F, and short answers...every time. Having a routine and knowing what to expect helps to take off some of the weight, so I really started feeling better about the course. It really helps if you follow the notes and the study guides at the same time, but if that's too much then it's not a big deal just to take all the notes...BUT,MAKE SURE totake pictures of the images and diagrams he has on the slides because you most likely won't find them anywhere else!! Don't be afraid to ask Professor Harwood questions, he's very helpful! The homework assignments weren't incredibly difficult but there are times when you will have to refer back to your notes or read about the topic in depth fromthe book to understand the answers he is looking for. Although this class will overwhelm you with information and make you always feel like you're on time constraints (well, maybe that was just my problem), it can be enjoyable and you can learn a lot!

Studying a lot because the tests are easier when you study the material. Also reading the book and doing the study guides make the tests easier. Spend some time outside of class to work on things. Don't procrastinate on homework assignments because they take some time to do.

This is a college class. They are not all easy, and some of them require a little work. If you take notes, use the resources available to you (i.e. online study guides and textbooks, and the professor's knowledge), you will do just fine.

This is such and intersting course! Professor Harwood is an awesome teacher and always makes sure that you are understanding the material.

This class requires A LOT of studying and work put in outside of class. If you are not willing to put much effort in, this class is NOT for you.

I really did enjoy this class, I thought the teacher was really into what he was teaching us and was very excited about it. The exams were definitely hard and hard to study for. We didn't use our book much in class but you definitely need it to study for the tests. But I thought the teacher really actually cared about our grade unlike most teachers, and if we had any problems he openly helped out with them in any way he could.

Mr. Harwood is a great teacher this class is not hard if you are interested in science. Also, you have to be a committed student or prepare to fail. His assignment and test are worth a lot miss one or fail your grade is toast. However, he is a great teacher knows his stuff so if you like a little challenge take this course.

This course involves a lot of work, so be prepared. Going into the course, I knew it would be hard, after hearing what a friend had said to me after taking the same class. It's very helpful to get a study group together outside of class, because that helped me learn a lot better when I had others helping me along the way. The assignments and exams are worth a lot of points (120-130 points), so you have to study and take the time outside of class to really understand the material, otherwise you'll end up doing bad because they are both weighted so heavily. Lecture on the other hand was pretty good. The instructor was very interested in the topics discussed and seemed to have a great deal of background, which made the course a little more interesting. Overall, I wouldn't say it was a bad class, it's just a lot of information to retain and even though meteorology sounds like it would be easy, there's a whole lot more to it.

make time to study and come to class and pay attention and try to fully understand the course materials and if you don't go to tutor immediately.

There aren't a lot of assignments in this course so make sure you don't slack off and actually do everything to the best of your ability. This is a difficult class. He is a good teacher and is very knowledgeable and interesting in the subject but his assignments can get confusing. The assignment packets have nothing to due with the lecture or the test except for a few side things or background things. There is a lot of calculations and maps in the packets. The essays are easy if you do exactly what he asks of you. Study your butt off for the tests because the information is worded a lot differently than in the lecture. Study groups really help in this class. He gives you a lot of time to get the assignments done so don't wait till the last minute because they are hard and very time consuming.

This course is really hard so if you don't have to take it i would recommend that you don't. I thought he was a good teacher but his tests were way to hard.

I went into the class with no idea what it was going to be like and no interest in meteorology. I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. Professor Harwood is very passionate about what he teaches and gives you the tools to be successful as long you invest the time and interest.

Coming from a guy that's on the ropes of passing or failing this course. I advice students to give it your all no matter what, don't give up because the class is hard, go to tutoring, see the professor during his office hours, get all the extra help, show the professor you care about your grade and that you are trying to pass the class. Get as much help as you can in this class because you'll need it, it is too much material to master without the help of the professor or the tutor.

Dr. Harwood is very knowledgeable in the subject and very passionate about the subject. Make sure you study, and don't expect and easy A out of this class. The class is very interesting and I have learned a lot, but you need to make sure you study when you can. The tests are over large portions of material and pretty much the only grades you get, so don't mess them up!

If you are someone who has a full schedule outside this class and does not have enough time to put into reading so many chapters a day and trying to do things last minute, DO NOT TAKE THISCLASS. This class IS NOT for procrastinators. However, if you can devote enough time to reading the material after class and filling in the study guide and working on some of the material every day than GO AHEAD and TRY IT.....

If you can study, go to class everyday, pay attention, and study some more, you will pass the class. Yes, it is hard, but I would not drop the course because it's a hard class. the professor is good and knows what he's talking about, if you have difficulty understanding something, use his office hours- that's why he has them!! If you really need the science credit like i did, just stick it out. one semester of meteorology isn't gonna kill you. :)

I wish the future Meteorolgy students luck. Please go in with an open mind, good attendence intention and ask questions. Use the youtube and other resources to the best of your advantage. Good Luck!

This professor is tough so don't take this course if you want to take an easy course. If you want to learn a lot and have a professor that really likes and knows his material you picked a good course.

Mr. Harwood respects his students and does his best to fit their needs. He is a good teacher and I enjoyed this class! Be prepared for the tests!

This course is not for those who just want to slack off and take a general course. You need to be attentive and in class and spend a lot of time out of class in order to become really knowledgeable on the subject matter. The short answer questions on the exam were tough and not really short answer. They were more of an extended response question. While Professor Harwood is an excellent instructor with extreme enthusiasm for the subject matter, it is a hard course. If you are looking for an easy A this course is not for you. It is interesting material, but tough.

This class is extremely hard. There is no homework and only relies on tests. Which wouldn't be bad, but the test are way too hard. There were somethings that were on the study guide wasn't even on the test. While some questions on the tests were never mentioned in lectures and study guides. Plus the book didn't help at all. If you want to keep your good grades up, I would suggest NOT taking this class unless you absolutely have to.


Professor Harwood is an excellent instructor. He is very passionate about his trade, especially concerning meteorology. His excitement at times for the course material can be a little corny, but it is just a reflection of his passion for it. If you take this course, do not expect to use the text very much unless you are a reader and just want to know what the book says; he will provide all the information needed to be a success in this course with his lecture notes and study guides. Most of the lecture notes are already filled in for you; you may need to add some information, but he will provide it to you. You can then take that information and it will assist you in completing the study guide questions which are very helpful for the exams. I learned more than I thought I would in this course, and although I have no intentions on becoming a meteorologist, I find myself periodically staring at the skies trying to figure out what the weather is going to be like just from observing the clouds and the current temperatures. Great class!

I took this course because I thought it would be easy. However, this class requires you to know a lot of information so it was actually pretty difficult. Once you get the hang of it, it's a very interesting class though. The subject matter is easy to relate to and I learned a lot. If you are interested in the weather, you would really enjoy this class.

Be sure to read the textbook so that you are familiar with what the professor is talking about throughout the lectures. If you have a better understanding of the material throughout the course, it should be easier to understand the content of the exams. Also, be sure to do the study guides and study them a lot (although not everything mentioned on the study guides are on the exams nor is everything on the exams in the study guides). Make sure to ask about any questions that may arise. This course is not easy so be sure to work hard and study a lot for the exams. If you do choose to take this course, good luck!

I thought this class would be simple. I thought we would just learn about why it snows, what clouds are what, things like that. Boy was I wrong. I didn't realize that so much goes into just finding out why a cloud forms or why it snows. This course was really neat because we look at the weather everyday and it's really cool to know why the weather is the way it is. Professor Harwood is really passionate about this stuff and makes the subject a bit more interesting. Just be prepared to do a lot of studying and pay attention. After this class you'll know how a cloud forms by heart and have respect for Meteorologists everywhere when they get the weather wrong.

Study, study, study! This class covers much information, but the instructor teaches it well, because he knows his stuff and is quite passionate about it!

Don't miss class too often, and if you do get notes from someone else in the class.

Print out the notes from online, come to class everyday. Study!

I think this is a great course to take because the thing that you learn you can apply to everyday life.

whatever you do, do not expect this class to some easy class you can pass with ease. This is a college level course and that is what your are going to get. Don't expect less!

Do not buy the book, you don't really use it. Print off the notes online, works well. This class isn't easy so don't think that.

This class was very imformative but hard. It required a lot of outside time to retain the knowledge. The tests have cumulative questions on there which keeps you on top of everything but the tests are difficult. But Harwood will help you out whichever way he can, he doesnt want to see you fail. This class is time consuming but you learn a lot of neat stuff.

Don't bother if you are looking for an easy 'A', or to only complete a degree requirement. This was somewhat my reasoning for taking this course, but didn't realize that it would be one of the most interesting classes I've taken over the years at BHC. This course is by no means impossible, but it will challenge you. I strongly recommend this course to future students and/or any class with Professor Richard Harwood as the instructor. Professor Harwood will give you every tool needed for successful completion of this course.

This was a fun class to take to learn about science

i suggest student to take this teacher's class because he is a brilliant teacher. He provide all the materials that a student will need to master his course. During this course, he was available for all the students. The most important thing is that he has the knowledge of what his teaching. His an excellent teacher. nope

If test scores don't reflect well, the instructor allows to re-takes. He will also make sure that everyone in the class will pass, guaranteed.