Physical Geology 101
Earth's Interior Study Guide

After the "Earth's Interior" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is differentiation?

What are the types of samples that can be collected that tell us something about the Earth's interior?

What information do these samples contain about the Earth's interior?

From what depths do these samples come?

What is the main source of information on the Earth's interior?

Reflection and refraction of seismic waves are affected by certain physical parameters. What are these?

What are the sources of seismic waves?

List the layers of the Earth's interior from least dense to most dense.

For each layer, what are the actual depths at which this layer is found relative to the solid surface of the Earth?

For each of these layers, what is the composition?

What is the difference between continental and oceanic crust?

Describe the relationship between Crust, Mantle, Lithosphere and Asthenosphere.

What are similarities between the Inner and Outer Core?

Where is the Earth's magnetic field generated?

What has seismic tomography told us about the Earth's interior?