Historical Geology 102
Paleozoic - Appalachian Orogeny & Cyclothems Study Guide

After the "Paleozoic - Appalachian Orogeny & Cyclothems" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What are the Eras of the Phanerozoic?

What are the Periods of the Paleozoic?

Upon which area of the world is the standard Geologic Time Scale based?

What is a Sequence?

What marks the beginning of the Cambrian Period?

What characteristics do all fossils organisms share prior to the Cambrian Period?

Specifically, when do hard bodied fossils appear in the rock record?

In the correct order, what are the three orogoenies that make up the Appalachian Orogeny?

During which Period did the Taconic Orogeny begin?

Describe the sequence of events during the Taconic Orogeny.

What type of mountain range formed during the Taconic Orogeny?

What evidence is there that the Taconic Orogeny mountain range once existed?

During which Period did the Acadian Orogeny begin?

What type of mountain building event occurred during the Acadian Orogeny?

During which Period did the Allegheny Orogeny begin?

Describe the tectonic activity during the Allegheny Orogeny?

What major global tectonic feature formed during the Pennsylvanian Period?

What is a cyclothem?

What causes cyclothems?

Of these causes of cyclothems, which one is responsible for the rapid sea level changes at the beginning of the Absaroka Sequence?

Describe the timing, style and location of the Antler Orogeny?