Historical Geology 102
Minerals and Rocks Study Guide

After the "Minerals and Rocks" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is a mineral?

What are the physical properties of a mineral?

What is the Rock Cycle and what does it show?

What does the word Igneous mean?

What is magma?

How is magma produced?

Where is magma produced?

What is the concept of partial melting and how does it apply to igenous rocks?

What is the the process of crystallization?

From what kind of materials are sedimentary rocks made?

What is sediment?

What has to happen to sediment in order for it to become a sedimentary rock?

What is the Sedimentary Cycle?

What is the relationship between the Sedimentary Cycle and the Rock Cycle?

What does the word Metamorphic mean?

List and describe the three primary ways in which metamorphism will change a rock.

What is meant by the term parent rock?

What it the ultimate temperature of metamorphism?

Describe what happens to this material after that temperature is reached.

List and describe the five types or environments of metamorphism, including the general temperature and pressure conditions.