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Historical Geology 102

Historical Geology 102
Lecture Study Material

Ayres Rock from the Sunset Viewing area, Uluru N.P., Australia

The following is a list of links to lecture material and additional study material availible from a variety of sources. Not all lectures will be posted here. Only those lectures that are highlighted are linked.

Lecture Material

Subject Study Guide Summary Chart
How to Succeed & Expectations of Students    
Rocks and Minerals Study Guide  
Plate Tectonics Study Guide  
Geologic Time Study Guide  
Evolution Study Guide  
Origin of the Universe, Solar System and Earth Study Guide  
Archean Eon: Eoarchean Era Study Guide Archean Chart
Late Archean Eon
Proterozoic Eon Study Guide Proterozoic Chart
Paleozoic - Appalachian Orogeny & Cyclothems
Early Paleozoic
Late Paleozoic
Study Guide  
Life in the Paleozoic I
Life in the Paleozoic II
Study Guide  
Mesozoic Era I
Mesozoic Era II
Study Guide Mesozoic Chart
Mesozoic Life I
Mesozoic Life II
Mesozoic Life III
Study Guide  
Cenozoic Era I
Cenozoic Era II
Study Guide Cenozoic Chart
Cenozoic Life Study Guide  
Human Origins Study Guide