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Environmental Science 101

Environmental Science 101
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Upper Falls, Johnston Canyon waterfalls, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

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This professor only has exams, and no homework or quizzes. This can be challenging because the tests are hard and there are only 5 of them. I did not like this course because this style of grading does not work for me. I like having a lot of points in a class, so if you don't do well on a test, it doesn't tank your grade. 

Professor Harwood is a very well well balanced professor. He isn't too much on one thing. He isn't strict nor is he super lenient. He knows how to construct his lessons very well. Never running out of time and always getting the students involved in the lessons. The only grade for this course is Exams. These exams need to be absolutely studied for in order to do well in the course. If you don't study then you will most likely fail. Just a heads up that studying is by far the most important thing in the course followed by general note taking.

this class is very interesting, but the tests really hit you hard. so make sure you pay attention and keep up with notes

This class is a class where you get out of it what you put into it, take that for what you may. 

There's no denying that this class takes work, and if you want to pass you really do need to study. I found that printing off the notes and filling them in during class helped ease the burden. I'd also suggest creating flashcards for each test and then reviewing those cards before the final so you have a good basis. Despite the challenges that this class brings, it's actually very interesting once you get past some of the reviewed material. All I can add is, you may not think you'll need to study, but you're wrong so start reading the material. 

This is a pretty difficult class at first but once your able to get the hang of it, the class get a lot better. First make sure you take notes during class. The second is make sure you don't just study the day before the test, because the test are so many questions it is hard to cram. Finally make sure you study for at least a couple hours to prepare yourself for any test.

As someone who has never enjoyed or been good at science my entire life, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this course. I chose to take Environmental Science 101 with the plan to take 102 instead of taking two other sciences such as astrology, chemistry, biology, etc. I was scared going into the course because the class grade consists of nothing but five exams which can be quite intimidating, but Professor Harwood provides all the materials needed to succeed in this course, it's just up to you to utilize them. I strongly recommend printing off the lecture notes and study guides to take into class lectures. The printed notes directly mirror Professor Harwood's PowerPoint presentations which makes it really easy to follow along. The exams themselves directly mirror the topics on the study guides which are pulled right out of the lecture notes. Overall, I found this class to be under good instruction, well organized, and totally worth my time for someone who dreads taking any science related class.

I a not a science person, but I enjoyed this class. Professor Harwood is a wonderful professor. He provides study guides, notes, and other resources on his website. I highly recommend using them! Make sure you study and do not miss a class. His lectures are very important and do not think you can take the easy way out!!

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You will most definitely learn a lot if you choose to take this course. However, if you are not good at taking exams then I would not even attempt to enroll in this class. Also, you must attend class reguarly otherwise you will not be prepared for any upcoming exams.

Mr. Harwood is a very enthusiastic teacher and you can tell he really enjoys it. Although science is my least favorite subject he made it interesting enough for me to listen. I do have to say that this class is more challenging than most. You have to put a lot of work into it and you can't leave everything till the last minute. There is no easy A in this class you have to work hard to earn it.

If Professor Harwood teaches the class, it is nothing like PS 101. It is also very hard and to expect a few F's on tests.

First of all, if you miss or skip a day of lecture matrerial, it is crucial to find a way to obtain that information. Alot is explained and covered in one lecture.

He did good about teaching the material and about letting you make up test and assignments.

This class was not so bad. Just need to study because each exam covered many topics. I encourage to print out the lecture notes before coming to class, this helps a lot so you don't have to write so much.