Environmental Science 101
Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Science

What is Science?

Based on concept that the natural universe behaves in a consistent and predictable pattern.
What is Technology?

Science is…

...based on data
...seeking to understand the natural world

Science - Religion

What is the basis of Religion?
What is faith?

Hypothesis or Theory?


Scientific Method (in 8 Steps)

System used to answer questions scientifically – through observations and experimentation
How we do science.

1. Definition of the Problem

2. Literature Search
Search of published materials:
Sources of information:

3. Hypothesis

4. Experimentation and/or Observation

5. Conceptualization of a Theory or Model
Theories will make predictions.

6. Revision of the Theory
Testing of the theory’s predictions.
Will show:

7. Publication of Results
Honest and unbiased reporting of experimentation, observations and theory

8. Verification by Other Investigators
Do others observe the same thing?
Can the experiments be reproduced?
Do others reach the same conclusions?