Environmental Science 101
Chemistry Study Guide

After the "Chemistry" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is Chemistry?

How does chemistry relate to alchemy?

Describe the atomic structure of an atom.

What is an element? and what makes one element different from another element?

What is meant chemically by the term mixture?

What is a mole? (hint: not the small, burrowing animal mole)

What are the common phases of matter?

Name and describe the transition processes between the common phases of matter.

What happens to atoms during the bonding process?

Describe the four common forms of chemical bonding.

What happens during a chemical reaction?

What is enthalpy?

What is the difference between an endothermic and an exothermic reaction?

What are acids?

What are bases?

What is the acidity scale? What is neutral on this scale? Which numbers are acidic?

Describe what is meant by a redox reaction?

What is the concept of dynamic equilibrium as applied to chemical reactions?