Environmental Science 101
Environmental Economics Study Guide

After the "Environmental Economics" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is economics?

List and describe the three types of capital.

What is meant by a market-based economy?

What is meant by a public service?

Are markets able to provide public services? Are they?

What are the major tenets of the Neoclassical Economists model?

What are some of the major contentions and warnings of Ecological Economists?

What are the major tenets of the Ecological Economists model?

What is Wal-Mart and Mars corporations doing to improve their environmental impact and policy?

How effective are business efforts to go green?

Why should all businesses have an environmental policy and make efforts to reduce their environmental impact?

Describe the relationship between poverty and the environment.

What are micro-loans, microfinancing, and micro-credit?

What are the potential benefit of micro-loans?

What are the potential problems of micro-loans?