Environmental Science 101
Limiting Human Population Study Guide

After the "Limiting Human Population" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What are the problems associated with human over-population?

What are the various forms of birth control?

How does reducing infant mortality rates help to reduce the population?

How does changing the status of women help to reduce the population?

What are some of the policies used to discourage couple from having children?

What is family planning?

how do changes to immigration policy help to reduce population?

What role does education play in reducing population growth?

What is the current population of China?

What is China's current population growth rate?

What has the Chinese government done to try and control population growth?

According to Leslie Stahl, what is the ratio of newborn boys to newborn girls in China?

What have been the negative aspects of this program?

What is India's "The Emergency"?

What did this declaration of a state of emergency allow India's prime minister to do?

Briefly discuss India's state run sterilization program, and the consequences of this program?

What are the current and past programs, policies or recommendations regarding population control in the following countries?
      Iran, Japan, Myanmar, Russia, Turkey, and the U.S.