Environmental Science 101
Sustaining Biodiversity Study Guide

After the "Sustaining Biodiversity" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What are the main efforts to preserve biodiversity?

What is a preserve?

What are the main types of ecosystems preserves?

What are the main types of species preserves?

When was the last time you visited a preserve? Where?

What is biodiversity hotspot? Why are they focal points for environmental preservation efforts?

Why is habitat restoration important?

Describe species reintroduction.

What are the major steps in ecosystem restoration?

What have been some of the legislative efforts to preserve biodiversity?

What has been the major means by which individual behavior has been changed in an effort to preserve biodiversity?

What are some of the things an individual can do to preserve biodiversity?

Specifically, what have you done to preserve biodiversity?