Environmental Science 102
Natural Resources and Resource Management

Resource Conservation

Inventory, use and management of resources.
Natural Resources:

Nonrenewable vs Renewable Resources

Nonrenewable Resources:

Renewable Resources:

Reusable Resources - Recycling



Recycling reduces the dependence on raw natural resources.
Recycling reduces the cost of production – less refining and processing of raw materials.

Pre-Production Recycling:
Post-Production Recycling:

Resource Management

Maintaining a balance between resources, production (use) and capacity (demand).
Reducing production
More efficient production

Resources and Development

Developed vs. Underdeveloped: terms describing economic, social and institutional growth of national states.
Developed countries characteristics:

Underdeveloped countries characteristics:

U. N. Human Development Index

A composite index measuring average achievement in three basic dimensions of human development—a long and healthy life, knowledge and a decent standard of living.

Resources and Development

Relationship between development and resources:

United States: highly developed country
314,000,000 population
What is our relationship to resource use?

U.S. Resource Consumption

We consume:
Oil produced:
Aluminum produced:
Copper produced:
World’s energy production:

Average American Uses:
Fossil fuel:
Farm products
Wood and paper

Waste: U.S. vs Japan

Municipal solid waste material

Where it goes:     U.S. (2010)    Japan (2005)

China’s Natural Resources

Agriculture: rice, wheat, corn, cotton, barley, tobacco, tea and sugar cane, timber
Mineral Resources: aluminum (8.2%), antimony, coal (29%), crude oil (5%), iron ore (14%), lead (19%), magnetite, manganese (17%), mercury, molybdenum, tin (32%), tungsten (75%), uranium, vanadium (25%), zinc (14%)
Large potential for major natural resources and resource exploitation, world's largest hydropower potential

China & Resource Use

Abundant natural resources
Growing global economy
Huge population: 1,346,000,000 people (2011)
Results in high demand on natural resources.
Much of the country is underdeveloped, but is moving rapidly towards developed.
What will happen when China becomes a fully developed nation?