Environmental Science 102
Amazon River and Flooded Forest Study Guide

After watching the video and reading the "Amazon River and Forest" articles you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is meant by the terms "world's longest river" versus "world's largest river" and what is the difference between the terms?

What is the world's longest river?

What is the world's largest river?

Which compass direction did the Amazon River originally flow?

What caused the Amazon River to change its direction of flow?

How far on either side of the river does the Amazon flood during the rainy season?

How many species of fish are believed to exist in the Amazon River?

Of the following Amazon fish, which is the largest? Arawana, Tambaqui, Piranha, Pirarucu

What is the common name for the Arawana fish and why is it called that?

How many species of birds are believed to exist in the Amazon rainforest?

How long is the rainy season?

How long is the dry season?

When do most plants bear fruit in the flooded Amazon forest?

Why do these plants bear fruit at this time?

What is the relationship between the fish of the Amazon River and the fruit-bearing plants?

What is the name of the peoples living along the Amazon River?

What language do they speak?

How do they earn a living?

What is manioc, how is it prepared and eaten, and in what product is it used for export?

What is happening to the fish stocks in the Amazon River?

There are 7 basic reasons why the Amazon rainforest is being deforested. What are they?

According to 1992 data, at what rate is the Amazon rainforest being destroyed?

According to University of Michigan data, at what rate is the Amazon rainforest being destroyed?