Environmental Science 102
Energy Sources and Production Study Guide

After the "Energy Sources and Production" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

Why is the all-electric automobile advertising statement "zero emissions" misleading?

How is most of the electricity in the United States generated?

Why do we use these sources of energy to generate electricity?

Which form of electricity generation, on average, is the cheapest? the most expensive?

What are the forms of nonrenewable energy sources?

What are the forms of renewable energy sources?

Of the nine major sources of energy, of which one does the United States consume the most?

Which is the largest sector of energy consumption? Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Transportation

What is petroleum?

How is petroleum formed?

How much oil does the United States use on a daily basis?

What is Hubert's Peak and what does it show?

Which four countries in the world are the largest suppliers of oil to the United States?

What is natural gas?

Which state in the United States is the largest natural gas producer by number of wells?

What is coal?

How is coal formed?

Describe coal usage in the United States over the past 60 years.

Which two states in the United States have the largest amounts of coal?

Which country in the world has the largest amount of coal?

What is nuclear fission?

How is nuclear fission used to generate electricity?

Which state in the United States has the greatest number of nuclear reactors?

What are the three major sources of biomass energy?

Which of these biomass fuels is produced from corn?

What is hydroelectric energy?

How is hydroelectric energy produced?

Which state in the United States has the greatest production of hydroelectric power?

What is geothermal energy?

What is wind energy?

Which state in the United States produces the largest amount of wind energy?

Which states are best suited to producing wind energy?

What is solar energy?

What is nuclear fusion?

Why are there no fusion reactors?