Environmental Science 102
Erosion Study Guide

After the "Erosion" lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

Define weathering and erosion.

How does weathering relate to erosion?

What is the relationship between physical weathering processes and the strength of earth materials?

Define each of the following physical weathering processes.

     Impact and Abrasion

     Ice Wedging

     Salt-Crystal Growth


     Thermal Expansion

     Root Wedging

Define each of the following physical chemical processes.





     Ion Exchange

What is slope erosion and how does it occur?

Describe splash erosion?

What is accelerated erosion?

What is the major cause of accelerated erosion?

What are the natural and human processes which lead to accelerated erosion?

Describe gully erosion.

What is the difference between colluvium and alluvium?

What are the three processes of stream erosion and how does each process operate?

What are potholes and how do they form?