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Physical Science 101
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Below are some of the student evaluation comments for the Physical Science 101 course. These comments and evaluations are collected by the instructor at the end of the semester. Comments are reproduced in their entirety as written by the student and are in no particular order. Opinions, views or grammatical errors are those of the student and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the instructor.

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It was a good class. Harder than I was expecting. You really have to study for your tests and keep reviewing the material even when you're done with the unit. I found the Labs were really interesting and you learn a lot of new things from this course. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

Professor Harwood is very passionate about what he teaches. He constantly provides extra info about how what he teaches applies to real life. Although there are a lot of notes you'll need to take during his lectures, he makes them interesting and fun. The labs are amazing. Rather than having you follow some instructions and hope you get it right so you can get a good grade on a lab report or something, Harwood checks up with everyone during the lab. At the end of the lab he checks your work. You may be sent back to do something correctly if you got it wrong, but once he's checked that you've learned what you've needed to and got the questions right, you get a 100% on the lab. I've been lost in previous science class's labs and it's a huge relief that Harwood ensures you are not lost. I will warn you though. Harwood has difficult tests in his class. Class averages are usually 75%-85% with usually 5 or less A's out of about 20 students (this was for my only class with him and these numbers aren't exact, just what I remember). You'll need to study for these tests. There are tests for the lecture material and lab material. I recommend getting together with other students to do group studying and to use the study guides that are on Harwood's website (ask him how to get to them). Don't worry too much though. Others in the class consistently got F's, D's, and C's on the tests, yet were able to comfortably pass if they got above about 50% on the final. I can highly recommend this class unless you are really bad at testing and don't want to put in a little extra work to still do alright on the tests. If you dislike labs, then take this class as your grade shouldn't suffer for it. Regardless, I don't think anyone should miss out on listening to Harwood discuss how the administration has built the blackhawk campus or the causes of global warming and its deniers.

Professor Harwood was simply amazing. He is a very intelligent man who cares deeply about what he is teaching. He is the best professor I have ever had. The website had everything you needed from the study guides to the lecture notes, so you could pay attention in class instead of writing notes all day. Just a great class! Use those study guides! Only thing is the room we were in smelled like rotten eggs one day and moldy cheese the next. If you get past the smell it is an amazing class.

I really like that Professor Harwood gave the study guide, and notes to students in advance. It was helpful being able to fill out the study guide sheet while he was talking because it made you pay attention more. It also, saved time later when it came time to study for the test. He is very enthusiastic about science, and is very experienced in his field of study. It seems as though he has been to every place he talks about! (Except the moon). The only thing is that his class is very test heavy. All of your grade depends on Lab Practicals, and Exams. I wish there was more assignments incase you do poor on a test. Having said that, study hard and more often then usual! I did pretty well in the class, and enjoyed it!

This class is definitely not one you want to procrastinate in. Take the time to study the material and go over it so that you actually understand it. The study guides are a huge help, use them wisely!

I recommend to study the study guides that are given. Pay close attention during class and write plenty of notes down. Have all the study guides printed out so you don't forget them during lecture to write down answers during lecture. My personal favorite way of studying was using quizlet because easy to use, saves paper, and there's a mobile app for it too so you can study anywhere since we always carry our phones. As soon as you get one lecture done, fill out questions for study guide and study them. Go to professor if you are unsure about some of your study guide questions. STUDY STUDY AND STUDY. Though class seems to be long it is the only longer class I had that i didn't feel like falling asleep in during lecture because in someway it just always seemed interesting, the way lecture was given. This class is not as easy as it might seem, but if you just listen, study consistently, and ask questions then it will be easy.


He was an excellent professor. I'm not interested in Science, but this teacher made it fun and interesting. He really relates some things he teaches to everyday life.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class much more than I expected, and I learned a lot. I took this course for a general education requirement for my degree, but all of the material covered in this class was very interesting. Professor Harwood did an amazing job of teaching the material and made it possible for me to understand clearly. He provides examples and visual representations in his lectures that were very helpful to students who learn better visually like myself. He also provided lecture notes to help students follow along in lecture, and study guides to assist in the studying process for the exams. I would highly recommend this class with Professor Harwood to all students of any degree path. 

The only tip I really give is to study!!! Study, study study! You will not pass the class if you don't. Oh and take lab practicals seriously.

For this class you absolutely need to take good notes and really try to understand the material instead of trying to memorize it.  Paying attention in class and participating will 100% help improve test scores. P.S. KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES

To the next student who decides to take PS-101-100, If you enjoy learning about astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, and meteorology. . . this is the class for you! I know it may sound like a lot but professor Harwood actually takes the time to break some of these sections down and really help you get to learn them. Not only that, but professor Harwood already has all materials such as reading materials, lab materials, lecture notes, and study guides ready to go on his own website so that students can be well prepared for class and for exams. However, this course is not the course you want to try and do the bare minimum work for. If you do not study, chances are you will not pass. Also, if you are someone like me and you are really unsure about taking this course because you really just don't enjoy science that much, take the course anyways because Mr. Harwood is a great professor and he is always willing to teach you and help you if you are willing to learn.

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