Physical Science 101
Tornadoes Study Guide

After the "Tornadoes" video, lecture and readings you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions.

What is a tornado?

What is the difference between a tornado, a cyclone and a twister?

What is the typical movement for tornadoes in North America?

In the Southern Hemisphere, in which direction do tornadoes rotate?

In the Northern Hemisphere, in which direction do tornadoes rotate?

What is the Fujita Scale?

List and describe the five stages of tornado development.

What is Tornado Alley and where is it located?

Why is Tornado Alley so unique? What are the physiographic and atmospheric conditions that lead to such a high number of tornadoes?

What feature is found in the center of a tornado?

How does a tornado form?

With what weather features are tornadoes commonly associated?

What was the size and scale of the tornado that hit Barneveldt, Wisconsin?