Richard Harwood

England - 1981

Travel to England in 1981

In 1981 I traveled to southern England as part of a High School tour package. It was my first experience travelling overseas. The tour started in London and headed westward to Land's End, then returned to London. The map below shows the route that was taken. Below are but a few of the photos that I took while there.

Map of routes traveled

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Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral - the spire is 400 feet tall
Stonehenge #1
Stonehenge #2
The Heel Stone at Stonehenge
Countryside near Widecomb-in-the-Moors
East Dart Bridge
Narrow streets in St. Ives
Waterfront hotels in Plymouth
Glastonbury Abby
The Lady Chapel at Glastonbury Abby
The Roman Baths at Bath, England
Houses in Bath, England
William Shakespeare's birthplace
Buckingham Palace, London
Big Ben
The Houses of Parliament
Charles Dickens' House
Beauchamp Tower at the Towers of London