Richard Harwood

Honduras - 1994

Travel to Honduras in 1994

In March of 1994, Kristine and I returned to Honduras for the first time since our service in the Peace Corps. We were there for a little more than a week. The purpose of the trip was two-fold. Both of us wanted to visit the towns where we had lived and worked, and visit with some of our friends there. Living in a town or country for two years leaves a lasting impression on a person. The second purpose of the trip was to collect samples from some of the volcanoes and lava flows. I was collecting samples for my research and for my advisor, Mike Carr, at Rutgers University.

Between visiting our friends and collecting rock samples we managed to cover the country from north to south. Both Kristine and I were stationed in the southern portion of the country. I lived in Ojojono and Yuscaran, while Kristine lived in the town of Choluteca. Most of the recent volcanic activity in Honduras has also been concentrated in the southern portion of the country. As a result much of our visit was also in the south. There has been volcanic activity on Utila, one of the islands off the north coast. We flew to the island and spent a couple of days there. I collected rock samples while Kristine spent the time snorkeling over the coral reefs that surround the island. Some of our friend say that Kristine got the better deal - I don't quite agree!

Below are a few of the photos taken during this trip.

Map of Honduras

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Richard breaking rocks for sample collection
Close-up of volcanic deposits on north end of Utila
The north end of Utila - Pumpkin Hill is in the background
Pumpkin Hill, Utila
Rock sample location west of Yuscaran
Kristine and the rental vehicle in front of another outcrop
Zamorano Valley - located between Tegucigalpa and Yuscaran
Two boys on a burro