Richard Harwood

Idaho - 2005

Travel to Idaho in 2005

Between May 20th and June 4th, 2005, I was traveling to and working in Idaho and other areas. While traveling I was working on a couple of projects. The main project was to visit various sites to collect more or better rock samples for the teaching collection here at BHC. Specifically, I was trying to collect more samples of some of the volcanic pyroclastic and lava flow materials that are used in a volcanic materials identification lab that my Physical Geology students work on during the semester. I like to have more than one set of samples for students to look at, and to have a set available in the Library for students to study when they cannot get into the lab. Prior to this trip, the teaching collection only had a limited number of certain samples. Additionally, I was collecting more metamorphic rocks for that rock identification lab. The current lab only has 11 samples to identify, and I have wanted more samples in that set for students to study.

My other project dealt with one of my community service activities and classroom lectures. I have been a member of the Black Hawk College Speakers Bureau for a number of years. Members of the Bureau give free lectures, talks and presentations in the QCA to interested groups on a variety of subjects. One of the topics on which I speak is the geology of the National Parks and Monuments. There are a number of different parks that I present, and I am always trying to increase the number, knowledge of and pictures of these places. During my trip I visited a number of parks and other geologic sites with the aim of increasing my slide and digital image collection for these locations. Some of these pictures are then used during the Speakers Bureau presentations. While many of these pictures will be used in class during lectures.

The sites that I visited during my trip to Idaho included the following locations.

Colorado: Dotsero volcanic complex, Colorado National Monument, Dinosaur National Monument
Wyoming: Fossil Butte National Monument
Idaho: Blackfoot Lava Field, Davis Butte volcanic field, Snake River Plain volcanic field, Borah Peak earthquake scarp, Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Craters of the Moon National Monument, and Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument
North Dakota: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The map of Idaho and other states shows the areas that were visited and the routes traveled (red line).
Click on the camera image to view pictures from that area.

Map of travel routes Dotsero Volcanic Complex Colorado National Monument Dinosaur National Monument Fossil Butte National Monument Blackfoot Lava Field Davis Butte volcanic field Snake River Plain volcanic field Borah Peak earthquake scarp Shoshone Falls Twin Falls Craters of the Moon National Monument Theodore Roosevelt National Park