Richard Harwood

Washington & Canada - 2006

Travel to Washington and Canada in 2006

Between June 2nd and June 18th, 2006, I, Kristine, and our dog, Cinder, traveled to the state of Washington and Canada to do some camping, hiking and sightseeing. The first few days were spent traveling between the Quad Cities and Seattle, Washington. We spent a couple of days in the Seattle area and visited with my Uncle Norm in Bremerton, Washington (across Puget Sound from Seattle). From there we traveled to Olympic National Park where we stayed for several days. We camped and hiked in the rain forests of the Olympic Mountains, and walked along the Pacific coast beach in a couple of places. After leaving the Olympic Peninsula, we headed up to North Cascades National Park. The park itself is only accessable by hiking trail. We drove through the recreational area that lies between the two sections of the park, and is managed by the National Park Service. Once past the North Cascades, we entered Canada and headed to Revelstoke National Park, Glacier National Park, Yoho National Park, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. All of these parks are clusterd together along the British Columbia and Alberta provincial border in the Canadian Rockies. This collection of parks has some excellent examples of glaciers, and glacially eroded terrain, and some spectacular scenery. We spent several days in this area sightseeing and hiking. The national parks in the United States typically do not allow dogs on the trails in the parks. The Canadian national parks do allow dogs on the trails, so Cinder was able to join us on most of our hikes - something she preferred to being left in the car! After leaving Canada, we headed towards home with a stop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. This park is often refered to as the northern Badlands. While not quite as spectacular as Badlands National Park in South Dakota, it is also an excellent example of badland topography. Lastly, on the way home, we made a couple of stops in Minnesota to see Kristine's sister and parents.

The map of Washington and Canada and other states shows the areas that were visited and the routes traveled (red line).
Click on the camera image to view pictures from that area.

Map of travel routes Rialto Beach Hoh Rain Forest Quinault Rain Forest Hurricane Ridge Tacoma Narrows Bridge Ladder Creek Falls Gingko Petrified State Park Giant Cedars Emerald Lake Bear Creek Falls Athabasca Glacier Mount Chephren Peyto Lake Crowfoot Mountain Theodore Roosevelt National Park Johnston Canyon