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Regional Geography 105

Regional Geography 105
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Parque Central, Punta Arenas, Chile

Below are some of the student evaluation comments for the Regional Geography 105 course. These comments and evaluations are collected by the instructor at the end of the semester. Comments are reproduced in their entirety as written by the student and are in no particular order. Opinions, views or grammatical errors are those of the student and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the instructor or Black Hawk College.

Most Recent Comments

Read ahead of time!! This is so important to do well in the class. Also study way in advance of the test; it works best if you review the material constantly. Do not blow of studying for the map quizzes either those are easier points to have to help your grade. Print the notes out and the study guide; I found filling out the study guide right after we learned the material worked best for me.

Don't skip class if you don't have to, he goes over a lot in class, but if you have the study notes printed out, the class is not difficult to keep up with. Also I found that using online kid map games helped me learn which countries are which, at least for most of them, Oceania was difficult to learn that way

STUDY! This is not an easy class. If you don't put in the time and effort, it's going to be difficult. I wish I had put in the time and effort, because I'm not happy with my grade at all. Take notes, and definitely use the study guides that are provided after each section of lecture notes, because they come in very handy! Good luck!

The class included lots of relevant information regarding other nations. Use the study material made available on the website.

This class is NO JOKE. It is hard. PAY ATTENTION from day ONE! Prof. Harwood is an extremely nice guy and wants his students to succeed, but this class is tough and time consuming. READ THE ARTICLES. They actually DO help even though there are SO many of them. Do not get behind in this class--you'll never catch up if you do.

To future students: This course is only as hard as you make it. If you come to class everyday and pay attention there is no reason why you can't do well in this class! I found it helpful to print out the study guides for each section and mark along as we talk about each question. That way, if you've missed something, you know what you've missed! Also, the map quizzes are easy points if you take the time to use the study material on the website. Good luck!

Study, study, study. This will be a very enjoyable course for you if you make sure you are studying the material in depth prior to the exam. People who say that the exams are super difficult clearly haven't done the proper preparation. I am a horrible test taker and got excellent grades on my tests. If you study you will be fine. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions. Professor Harwood is there to help and will do what he needs to, to make sure you understand the material. Seriously, he is so helpful. One last thing, make sure you utilize the tool of the practice quizzes for the map quizzes. I used those to study and only missed 2 countries total on the entire semester. Study, don't be afraid to ask for help, and use the practice quizzes. Good luck!

Professor Harwood gives you every opportunity to succeed. There are study guides, articles, practice maps, and the lectures. If you do your homework, go to lecture, and study for the map quizzes and tests, you will do just fine. There is no reason that anyone should do badly. He's also incredibly intelligent so definitely ask him questions in class or about things going on in the world currently. It is interesting to see his views on things.

Even though you are probably taking this class as a tiny elective, it's not a blow off class. You will learn a lot and Mr. Harwood is pretty smart. He grades pretty tough and kinda makes the class harder than it should be. But, overall I would recommend this class!

This class is only entertaining when you understand the material and include yourself in class discussions.

Fill out the study guide as the lecture is going on. It can be hard to remember back to what was said during a particular lecture when you go to fill out the study guide closer to the exam. Study for the map quizzes--they are easy points.

Study a lot

Make sure you read all of the articles and prepare for the essays on the tests.

Just know, you are going to learn a different side of Geography than just shapes on a map. Make sure to study and use the tutors if needed.

Let me just say that before I enrolled in GEOG 105, I already read most of the reviews for this class and Professor Harwood - either on this course webpage or on - so I knew exactly what I'd be getting into. I have to say I didn't find the course particularly difficult. Most people made it out to be like the hardest course ever. Professor Harwood has high expectations and this is a serious course, yes, but that's college for you. I will say that it's pretty heavy on the history, so if that's not your forte, then you may have a little more studying to do but not much. Professor Harwood's lecture notes found on his webpages made things so much easier - familiarize yourself with his website, it helps. Specifically, I would just copy them onto a word document and when he'd lecture in class I could just focus on key points and add in my own notes with it to help my self understand everything. The study guides are so detailed and ask everything that is already in the notes that they're pretty much redundant. Also, from the get-go, he gives the prompts for the essays that are on the exams, so keep those prompts in your head as he's going over the material in lecture. The map quizzes are easy points, don't F them up. The homework is also pretty easy save for the last one on demographics, you'll have to put more work into that. While it may help to read the articles, knowing the lecture material is enough to do well on the exams so spend a lot of time studying the notes. Like I said, it would help to know a little bit of world history and current events, but it isn't a prerequisite. Professor Harwood knows what he's talking about. You can tell that he loves what he does and is super helpful.

Past Comments

Do the reading assignments!! They help more than you think they would. Pay attention in class, it is easy to fall behind in understanding if you don't. And make sure that you stay organized. If you keep track of all your due dates, the class isn't bad at all. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you don't understand something. It will hurt you more if you don't ask.

I enjoyed this course, and learned way more about the world than I ever thought I would. Harwood provides lecture notes, but I found it easier to pay attention by writing my own. When he says "Pay attention to this" or "Remember that..." or even "This was a major part of..." HE ISN'T LYING. When he asks questions in class, it is help you figure it out yourself which is really helpful. Don't be afraid to engage in class discussions, they help a ton. This course is not a heavy work load, but a very good description of world history, geography, government, people, and much more.

I came into this class thinking it would be all maps and locations- it wasn't. Soon enough I was thrown into a whirlwind of material, to study for the first exam.I procrastinated this, thinking I could do it last second. I did, but I soon realized that I needed at least a week of preparation before the exams. DO NOT procrastinate this course or material. It is a very good course, especially if you don't fully understand how geopolitics work, or how the economy even works. I finally know the full backstory behind the Iraq War, and it was all because of this course. The whole course is tough, but its worth it.It helps to know quite a bit of history before going into it as well, as it doesn't only deal with today's geopolitical circumstances, but also geopolitical and geo-economic situations of the past in different continents and countries.I feel I have a better understanding of the meaning of "Geography" now, and am better prepared to make good political choices and economic ones as well. Study, study, study! (Don't stress yourself out, though) ;)

Study and do well or don't study and fail. This course is black and white, don't make it any harder than you have too.


Take the map quizzes serious!!! These can be easy points. Take good notes, they will come in handy. Make sure to read all of the articles before the exams. The exams are brutal if you don't. For God's for the exams!!! It will be hard to BS your way through the essays if you don't.

If you have to take this course, do everything in your power not to take it with Harwood. He is god awful. You will not do well. The class averages on tests are super low and I have never got a C in my life until now. I studied and still struggled.

Very interesting class. Easy to complete if you study or map quizzes, do the summary papers, complete the homework packets, and study for the exams. Attendance is important so you do not the miss the notes. Feel free to ask Professor Harwood any questions you may have. Also, one last tip its helpful to form small study groups with other classmates.

Read the articles, come to class, and pay attention. Lots of people failed exams because they did not do these things.

Make a study group! These will be your best friends by the end of the semester, so will the tutors. If you have a problem with something in the class email him. He wont bite! When it comes to buying material get the online course pack and split it with a friend.(or two or three) DO NOT PROCRASTIATE! If you do it will kill you. Its a lot of work print the notes and the study guides!

Find a group to study with, I personally experienced what working with a study group can do. I was involved and it gave me confidence about my grades, and also made me want to show up for class every day. Also get involved with the discussions. Sometimes the topic can lead to some good times or even help you understand something better. So keeping your voice to yourself can sometimes lead to misinterpretation and wont help you out later, when you take the tests. So my advice, study with a group, be a more involved student (its your life and they are your experiences, dont waste a moment because your shy or scared of looking like a fool in front of other people. Everyone in your class is on the same page. You want to succeed. You want good grades. The only fool in the class, is the person who thinks they don't need help, or the person who "thinks" that you are different from anyone else in the classroom.), and last, keep in touch with your professor. Just in case any small hiccup or huge road block happens in your life. Speaking with him/her about homework assignments and due dates can be the factor that helps you pass, or fail.

My message to future students is to take good notes and print off the course sheets on the class website. Also study and read the articles!

Tough class that really involves a lot of time and effort. Without that it is very very hard to expect a passing grade.

This is a very difficult class! You must know a lot of world history in order to do well in this class; it also helps if you form astudy group with other students in your class.

Study a lot and always go to the tutor and the teacher for help they are very knowledgable

This class seems more like a history class than I expected, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and learned a lot. I would recommend for anyone to take this course, but be prepared to take it seriously if you wish to do well; it is not as easy as other classes I've taken, but it is very possible to exceed especially if you are interested in the material and regularly attend class.

I suggest you read the articles and take notes. What the instructor discusses in class usually shows up on the exam even if its not in the PowerPoint it may be on the exam study guides. Also, do not use other sources to help with the articles you should just try your best to understand the articles and draw your conclusion from that.

This class is very challenging.

This is a very interesting course with a very knowledgeable instructor!

My message to future students, study the exam questions for the essay part of the exams!! The essay part is the hardest part, and print out the slides, so you don't have to write so much in class and so you would have more time with listening to what Professor Harwood has to say. He is a very nice man, and very knowledgable in this field and shares all of his experience in the Peace Core.

Use all the resources available to you (i.e. online material, study guides, powerpoints, etc.)

My advice to students taking this class is to make sure to study, the study guides and printable lecture notes will be your best friend. This is by no means an easy course, but it isn't impossible as long as you take it seriously and put in the effort. Professor Harwood knows his material very well and you will learn a lot in this class. A little disclaimer - if you tend to skip classes a lot, this class is not for you. Even though there are printable lecture notes, they don't cover everything that is gone over in class. For best results in the class, don't miss any classes.

I feel this was a good course. But you have to read the articles to stay with the lectures. It is a tough course but it has to be so we can actually learn.

Make sure you read the articles provided! They are important for the exams and homework. If you don't know how to do something for the homework assignments, ask! Studying is most important. The note sheets and study guides that the Professor provides for you are very helpful, I highly recommend them. Good luck!

I took this class and got a D. In order to become a teacher I have to at least get a C. This class is very organized, I needed to study more. This semester so far I have a C+. Study the maps, It really only takes a day or two to study them. I got 25/25 on all the map quizzes. When it comes to the test, study, seriously. Don't force yourself to retake the class like I did. Hes a reasonable professor and is willing to help you, so help yourself and study, you're in college, studying is a part of that.

Just follow the syllabus and read the articles.

Study really hard on your map quizzes and always do your homework assignments because they are worth huge points on the tests, also know what to say under the essay part of the tests.

You will need to take all your time and effort to do well in this class.

The class is difficult if you wait until the last minute to study or do the homework. The professor is excellent, but expects A LOT from his students.

The class is well presented and the professor is an expert in the matter. He is tough on the grading; If you are looking for an easy A, it is not going to happen!

Do not miss class! Study for exams! Start working on the assignments days in advance! Overall he is a knowledgable teacher but it is a hard class to pass.

PRINT OUT THE LECTURE NOTES! Remember to read the articles and find a classmate to study with!

I found this course to be really easy when it came to map identification, however the course discusses many other geography related subjects that involved a lot of history which I found really hard to memorize for the exams. Its a tough course and takes a lot of extra studying to do even remotely well on exams!

Honestly this is a pretty tough course, but in no way is it as mean or unfair as others have implied. You just need to approach it like it is an actual college level course and not treat it like some high school blow-off class.

In a Physical Science course here at Black Hawk, I would recommend that it is imperative to read everything that you are required to read, study the material and questions given on the review notes on his website and follow any instruction he gives. A HUGE timesaver is to print out all the notes off of his website. Without them, you will fall behind quickly and struggle throughout the semester. There is a lot of information, so do this and you will succeed without issue.

STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!!!!! The map quizzes are super easy but don't slack off. It was one of the hardest classes I took while being there!

Honestly, this course is pretty cool, kind of challenging but if you read the material and study the maps its actually a really easy class. Take notes, study, and read are the best advice to future students. The tests are kind of different, the essay and short answer suck, but overall its probably one of my favorite classes here at black hawk.

Do not go into this class with the negative attitude. I guarantee it will get you a C or worse. You've heard it's tough from former students and Professor Harwood himself on the first day of the class. It is! I even saw a student quit the education field because of the difficulty of this class. But I noticed the students who struggled in the class never had the notes printed out. They never used the provided study guides. I doubt they made it onto this course webpage at all. I went into this class with a newly found desire to learn after several years of useless college studying. And I found the class to be extremely rewarding, despite all of the negative attitudes of my classmates. Professor Harwood is one of the most knowledgeable instructors from whom I've ever had the pleasure of learning, and I actually appreciate the difficulty of the class. To be completely honest, I did not read most of the articles; skimming and searching for specific information was good enough most of the time, but they are great sources of information which complement the lecture material very well. It's also very nice not having to purchase a seventy-billion dollar textbook while instead dodging the dirty looks and printing seventy-billion sheets of paper week one of class for free in the Black Hawk ILC! Print the notes ahead of time, fill the study guides, stay organized, and meet with a classmate before each exam and run through everything for a few hours. Relaying the information back and forth with my study buddy was the main key to my success in the course. This class is extremely difficult. But it was extremely rewarding all the way through.

It seems almost impossible to get anything above a C on the exams. Literally everything in the notes, EVERYTHING, needs to be known to do well on the exams. DEFINITELY print out the notes before the lecture. Saves so much writing! DEFINITELY take the online practice quizzes for the map quizzes! He works with you if you miss class- just email him and he is more than willing to work with you. Only problem I had with this class is the amount of content knowledge for the exams. He keeps the class interesting which was nice!

To future students, please be prepared to put your other classes aside to focus on this class. The instructor is a decent instructor. He knows the information and he knows a lot about Geography but his work is tested at a high level. Be prepared to have exams that have multiple choices that are all the right answers and you have to guess at what he would accept. Be prepared to have homework assignments that list little to know help about how to solve equations or fill in the blank charts. Be prepared to have essays that have to be jammed packed with information on one page and be prepared to read the instructors mind. Also too, make sure that you are able to work with webpages as well and have a very early head start on operating them because finding study guides and such will be difficult!

Atthe beginning of the semester, I made sure to read other reviews and comments about the course because I wanted to know what to expect. I was not looking forward to this class because many of the reviews were negative. In all honesty, it will this class willbe a challenge but students will learn a lot if they are willing to. One thing I do recommend, PRINT OUT STUDYGUIDES AND NOTES!!! Again, PRINT OUT STUDYGUIDES AND NOTES!!! Takethenotes and study materialto class because Prof.Harwood will answer most of the questions on the study guide during lecture. These notes will also help you study for the exams. Having notes in front of me (and some caffeine in my system) ;) always helped me stay focused and follow along during class. Your grade will reflect how much time and effort you put into the class. Professor Harwood is a nice and intelligent man and will help you with any questions you may have. After reading reviews written in the past, I realized how sensitive some students can be. Grow up, Suck it up and Good Luck!! ;)

Professor Harwood uses technology much more competently than any other teacher I have had to this point. The PowerPoints contain interesting information that is displayed with a clear eye for detail. Make sure to use the online course material more than you would for another class, because unlike other courses, it will actually be of some use.

Invest time and effort into studying. Put the time into reading the materials given and review lecture notes. They are essential and full of useful information.

Regional Geography was more in depth than I had anticipated.The course covered multiple areas and was more than just covering land forms and identifying countries on a map.

Work hard and Succeed. It takes work but is well worth it.

You will enjoy this class if you like to know how the world works inside and out. I would make sure to print off lecture notes and study guides, they really do help. Also, print off a couple practice maps and study for at least a week for the map quizzes. Also, make sure to read the reading assignments and ask questions about the homework assignments so you know where to find information.

Professor Harwood is a wonderful teacher. He knows what he is talking about and even though it was a sizeable workload for a 100 level course, for the most part I enjoyed this course. You get out of the class what you put into it. He lays out what you need to know, and its the students job to get it done.

Pay attention in class, study for the exams, do the homework!!!!!

This course was time consuming to study for exams and the reading material, but if you did it you were just fine. I was easier than I thought it would be, but only if you study. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that we didn't go over how to do some of the homework in class or something, but the directions were clear enough, also go down to the student success center was really helpful.

This course is very difficult and studying is a must

I would say print the notes because they are helpful. Study the quizzes online they are a great tool. Study as much as you can because there is a lot of information on the exams. Don't wait til last minute to do your homework, they can't be completed right before class, they take time!! Read the reading material, it does help you understand the lectures more. Good luck!!!

I enjoyed this class, I love how study material, and all of the information you need it available on his webpage. Make sure you know your stuff because he will test you and prove that you know what is going on in the class. The summary papers are hard so study and focus on those when they come around. The tests, are tests you need to make sure you study. The quizzes are easy in my experience, just make sure you go online on his website and check which places you need to be labeling. Homework there are 4 and they take a little bit of time, they are present on each test so remember how to do them. Overall it is a good course, he is a good teacher, it is crazy that the semester flew by the way it did. Good luck! Watch out when he talks about the peace corps, he's really into it considering he was a volunteer, he is very convincing when it comes talking about what goes on and how it plays a big role in other countries rehabilitation, he has made me consider going myself.

Mr. Harwood knows his material and will enthusiastically teach you in detail. Be prepared to study, but he makes the class fun and there has always been a good environment. You will not just slide by in this class, you need to put in the work.

be prepared and study alot and you should to well!!

The instructor is a good and knowledgeable man, but, be prepared for him to use this knowledge in context even if you don't understand. He will talk a lot using the metric system..which was a little much for me and got annoying. But, he is a great teacher and if you put the effort in your grade will reflect the work.

Keep up on the readings and start homework early. This is not an easy class but if you pay attention and keep up on the reading you'll be fine. If you have trouble with memorizing countries use the print out sheets for each of the exams and practice them, especially for African countries.

This course was an interesting subject. I enjoyed learning things that have and are happening in different parts of the world. It is although a difficult course and I would suggest to any future student to study a lot and make sure to do your homework and map ids. Also, be in class everday because it will help tremendously.

This class is not what you would expect it to be, but Professor Harwood is a good instructor.

You need to really focus on the lecture notes/study guides/maps to pass this course! Professor Harwood knows his stuff but I figured out the hard way if you don't ask questions or meet with people at times you will struggle. So make sure you make time for this course and do your best! :)

The course was much more detailed than I originally thought, but the information taught was very helpful in explaining world events and the past history.

I was somewhat prepared for the class because I took the time to read comments from previous students. Professor Harwood is a wonderful instructor with a vast amount of knowledge. He knows his subject very well. He is kind and is a helpful instructor if needed, for homework, questions before test, etc. He's very thorough and you know exactly when assignments are due. However, the material covered in the class is overwhelming. The class is great during lectures because it's so interesting, but it's too much to be tested on. Homework and the Map I.D.'s will always take you at least three hours to complete. Don't ever wait until the last minute. Start studying for the test as soon as you get the material. There will be at least one question on every test that comes from every piece of reading material for that section. Write down everything that is on the powerpoint and important stuff from his verbal lectures. Use the study material and study guide. It will save you from having to write so much. Bring them to class with you and follow along. Cramming will not help you on the test. Prepare early for the essays by writing them out or doing an outline. I came in to this class with a 3.95 & this class has dropped it this semester. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. This class does not work well if you are taking a full course load of other classes that require a lot of demanding work. I enjoyed all that I learned in the class and truly believe I am a better student and person from all of the knowledge I received. As a future educator, I hope that I never put my students through what I experienced this semester in the class regardless of how great I become in my knowledge of my subject. And always remember, the semester has to come to an end. Wishing you the best!

In order to succeed in this class you need to use the study guides. I used them in Astronomy 101 taught by Professor Harwood and my test grades improved with each test. I came in with that knowlegde into this class, but I didn't apply it as well as I should have. The study guides are your best friends, so use them. Whether you go over them in a study group or just simply make notecards they will be beneficial to you.

This was the toughest course I have taken at Black Hawk. The instucter is the most knowledgable also. I put in more time on this course than any other and have the worse grade in this one. I have learned the most in this course and if I didn't have two kids and a full time job I could have done better. This class takes alot of your time but is worth it. If you want an easy A, DON'T TAKE THIS COURSE!!!!

This class and its tests are tough BUT the instructor is helpful and gives you all the info to pass the course and prepare for the test.

You must follow the readings and attend class regularly in order to succeed. It may seem like a lot at first but it will be second nature if you start early. This is a great course, you just have to stick with it.

Make sure you study!!!!!!! If you do not study this class will eat you alive!!

Study study study... HARD he will help when needed but the homework is confusing and this is not an introductory course. Very difficult. Study guides are helpful so do them.

Mr. Harwood knows his stuff, so he expects you to learn the material. He gives you many different ways to study for the exam. He explains what is on the exam and gives you plenty of notice for the exam. Be sure to access the material and use them to your advantage.

Great class, you will walk away learning more than you ever thought possible about the world and it's countries and regions. It's a tough class, but worth every minute.

If you are student like me with test anxiety then this course could be a little difficult for you. Majority of points rely on the tests. My advice would be to form a STUDY GROUP! It really does help! You can ask friends for help of understanding the material that you may have not got the first time around. Also, I brought my laptop to class because I thought it would be easier to save my notes and study guides to a word document. This way majority of it is already there and then you can type in the extra things that he puts on the power point or extra things he may say during lecture. Trust me everything he says is IMPORTANT! I noticed that the extra things he does says usually refer to the study guide questions. This is also why I try to have the study guide open during lecture as well. Note cards help for the multiple choice questions, and outlining the essay prompts will help you have the information already in your head. When it comes to the Maps, I try to study little portions at a time till I get it all correct and then keep adding states/countries to the mix. For spelling for the countries and states, I would usually say the name out loud the way it is spelled not the way it actually is said, that way it is easier to remember. Hopefully this will help! Good luck and don't be afraid to ask for help! There really is no such thing as a "stupid" question.

This is an awesome course, but it can be a lot of hard work. You have to make sure you go to class and actively participate in the lectures and readings in order to succeed. This course is a lot of fun and is an eye opener for those less learned in world histories/culture.

This course is a challenge. Lots of study time is required. Memorize all of the countries it will help on the exam's big time! The PowerPoint notes on the course page are helpful, print them out then you don't have to write as much down. Prepare for the essays!

Make sure you study, and

Outstanding course and instructor. Full attendance,a dn follow class outlines provided will greatly assist in completing course.

GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!! Just kidding, the course is interesting but if you are accustomed to receiving A's here at Black Hawk you might want to settle for a B in this class. Study hard and come to every class. If your history says you consistently skip school, DO NOT take this class.

Make sure you study hard for the Exams.

Study and come to class! If you do these two things, you will do fine.

Good but tough class. Must STUDY, especially the essay topics ahead of time!! None the less, a very interesting class!!

What ever you do don't work on it all night long.

This is an extremely difficult course. Do not expect an easy A. You will have to be very attentive and not shrug off ANYTHING he gives you, it is all relevant to his exams. The home work is also difficult, do not think you can shrug it off till the last minute. Take this class seriously and be prepared to work your ass off to get an A.

Study and work hard, its a super fun class but you have got to put the time into it to do good.

read online materials, study notes for test, attend class, do all assignments because they are free points and are not too difficult for success in regional geography 105

It is a lot of work. Make room in your schedule for the assignments and studying, it takes a lot of time. If you want an easy A, this is not the class for you.

This class isn't hard, but you have to keep up with reviewing your notes and studying for the exams that make up most of your grade. DO NOT wait for the last minute to study, there is no way you will do good! Print all the lecture notes and study guides to follow along with class and you will do so much better!

This is a great course with a great instructor. It isn't hard material. If you go to the classes and do the homework you will pass the course. All questions covered on exams are in the study guide online for the exam. All it takes is a little effort and you can enjoy and do well in this course.

This is a good class with a very enthusiastic teacher. However, it requires a lot of studying to do well on the tests. You can't ace this class without putting a sufficient amount of time in.

This course was alot of work. I feel like I was challenged though and thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel I learned alot of information and that it broadened my view of the world. ask for help when you need it

I really enjoyed the class. Mr. Harwood really knows what he is talking about, and has a ton of information and knowledge on all sorts of topics. However, if you have a lot of things going on, and don't have a lot of time to study it might destroy your gpa (fart sound). I recommend from day one print out the study guides and bring them to class. Use the guides to write notes next to the questions while you take notes in class. Also if you don't study the maps just as much as the material you will get no better than a C on the test. Finally, just to prove that this is not going to be censored BOOBS! BUTTZ! Kangaroo NUTZ!

For this course it is important to do the homework and maps but you need to study ahead of time as well. This class does take time and effort but if you do that then there should be no problem passing. Buy the atlas because it is more accurate then going online. Also he does expect you to read the articles before coming to class so be sure to do so. Overall class was good and he covers all material for the test.

Professor Harwood is a fantastic teacher! I recommend that everyone take at least one of his classes with him because he is a fun guy. Just make sure you study outside of class because it is crucial to pass the class.

Just listen and study hard and you will get the class

have fun!!!

This is a great class to pick as an elective, but don't expect to breeze through it. It is necessary to put time in outside of class in order to do well on the exams. As there was only four, not doing well can drastically effect your grade come the end of the semester. There is a very heavy work load, and if you don't have a significant amount of time to do the work, I wouldn't recommend the class. Other than all of the negatives, the instructor is great, and this was one class I looked forward to going to on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Harwood really knows his material, and you will know that by the end of the first lecture.

The teacher is very interested in the subject but you better have a bunch of time to focus on this class. print out alot of paper and make sure read them....

Make sure that you have the time to invest in this course. I have heard a lot of bad things about Prof Harwood that aren't true. The class is tough, but doable. You just have to study.

This class can be very challenging. It involves a lot of readings, homework assignments, and a lot of printing to get all of these things. Make sure you have a printer and lots of ink. Also, he is a hard grader and asks really hard questions that you may not know the answer to. This class takes a lot of time out of your life. Don't take if you are a full-time student. !

To future students I would recommend that you always go to class, take notes, and do all the reviews. I think it is ridiculous that we need to know where all the African countries or any countries are located because lets be honest I can google if I really want to know where it's at. I don't find it important to know where they are located when we have advance technology to tell us. Oh and also his tests are hard and you need to study two weeks in advance. According to the professor we should be putting in 24-72 hours of studying for his tests. If you can find time for that and still have a life then good for you becuase you must be God or a genius. On a positive note he does know his stuff and isn't dumb, but it just sucks for you more cause he expects you to know the same amount of information as he does. GOODLUCK!

This course is very difficult. It is overwhelming until you get used to what is expected of you. I needed to start studying for tests a week in advance, and still never managed to get an 'A.' A 'B' is manageable if you devote sufficient time into the class.

My suggestion is to STUDY. In order to study as much as you should I would suggest not taking any other classes and definitely don't have a job because it will be nearly impossible to survive this course with a good grade if geography isn't the only thing on your agenda.

DON'T BUY THE WORLD ATLAS unless you don't already have one. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and plan for it to take a couple hours AND SUBMIT IT ON TIME. DON'T TRY TO JUST WING THE TESTS. It won't work. STUDY. And have fun. You are going to learn a lot of things you didn't know before.

Read the assigned articles talk to him he will help!!

This class is difficult but not impossible. As with anything in life, what you put in is what you get out and if the effort is there, your grades will reflect that. Mr. Harwood challenges his students and has high expectations for his students not because he wants to see them struggle but instead see them strive for excellence and realize their potential through personal accomplishment. The course is tough but Mr. Harwood is personable and very willing to help you achieve your goals. I really enjoyed this course.

Make sure you do all your homework and read all of the readings. Form a study group.

UGH enough said!

I really enjoyed this class. It was very interesting and informative. Mr. Harwood is a great teacher who is really there for his students.

Go to class and study hard.

This is a great course for those who want to understand several different geographical topics. Studying is necessary and expectations are high, but all materials are available at the beginning of the semester so you can begin studying and working on the homework right away. Professor Harwood is always available for questions, via e-mail, during office hours, and before and after class. You'll come out of the class with an understanding of geography and the rest of the world as it relates to you. Also, you'll be able to impress your friends if you ever watch Jeopardy. Take this course!

Very challenging course!! Make sure you allow yourself the extra time needed for studying & homework assignments.


Professor Harwood is a very smart person. He knows what he is talking about. His course required A LOT of time outside the lectures. When he says 2 to 3 hours per credit hour, he means it. Unfortunately, the average college student has multiple other classes that need attention to, so the amount of time needed to spend in the class is not available. If you want an "easy A," forget about it. You NEED to study, you NEED to read, and you NEED to be in EVERY lecture. Tests are difficult. I can honestly say this is one of the classes where the grade you get definitely reflects the amount of time and work you put into the course. Also, participate in class, he likes that. But beware, if you are wrong, he will make SURE you know you're wrong. You need the EXACT answer he is looking for, otherwise you are wrong. Much of the course was interesting, however there are some dull moments.

This is a really interesting course (you learn a lot) and I recommend it, but it's not an easy course at all. You need to study and know the material. This isn't an easy A; you are going to work hard for your grade. Mr. Harwood is an excellent teacher and he knows his material and expects you to know it as well. The homework is sometimes the hardest part. It is very time consuming, it's not a quick thing, and it is going to take a long time to complete. Exams are as he states, there are no surprises.

I learned a lot from this course, but I would not advise anyone to take this class unless they have to or they really like science. I have always been an A student and I feel like I worked harder than I ever have to get a B in this course. If you have a full time job and are a full time student living on your own I don't suggest taking this course with others. If you can take this class while you are part-time so you can give this class the attention it needs.

Make sure you pay attention in class and take notes. Read the required materials and make sure you spend multiple hours studying and going over the materials.

This class in HARD. Plan on spending a great deal of time on the worksheets. They usually take 3+ hours. Don't expect to get an A... you won't. There were no A's on test the entire semester, and believe me; I tried to get an A. With hard work a 'B' is very managable. Print the notes for every lecture, that will help a great deal. If you need help, definitely ask for it. He wants to help you and will do what he can to point you in the right direction.

For those entering this class, don't fear it too much. It really isn't too bad at all. The homework is pretty straight forward, there are quite a few notes, but good notes. Everything in the class is really well discussed and you at no point should ever really be lost. Mr Harwood is an excellent teacher who really knows his stuff on the topic. This is an excellent class to take. I would recommend it!

Although the course takes a lot of work, it is worth it because the knowledge you retain is very important for your future. One that knows nothing about geography should indeed take this course. It also supplies the student with other important information about the areas that it covers.

This class is very time consuming! It's a very interesting class and you can learn a lot from taking this class, but tests are more on the difficult side if you don't studying and know everything. I recommend taking the class if you are willing to put the time and effort into it otherwise don't waste your time.

Be ready to spend quiet a bit of time for homework and studying. This class was a lot of work , but interesting. The teacher knows what he is talking and lecturing about. When he says to do the readings he means it. They are very helpful to your success in the class. Don't think you can just last minute cram for the tests. Good luck!

This was a difficut course and defentiely takes up a good amount of time, but in the end it is worth it.

This is an excellent course. Teacher is very educated on the subject and can explain any problems or concerns you have. Other posts will say "Its too hard dont take this class" FALSE. Extremely interesting subject and the knowledge the Instructor contains is unlimited. Very solid class.

dont ever expect him to let class out even a minute early. and he gets grouchy if you start to pack up your things before he is done, even if the class is supposed to be over

Mr. Harwood has a lot of knowledge about this course, and is willing to anwser any questions you may have. Make sure you read all the articles assigned because the infromation is usually on the test either as an essay, or in question form. You should print off all the materials posted on the course web page because he will talk about that infromation in class, and that too will be on the test. Be sure you study at least two weeks in advance for the tests because there is a lot of infromation to learn including memorizing maps! The tests are very hard so read each question a few times before choosing the anwser you think it is. The homework in this class is time consuming it took me over five hours an assignment so I suggest you start them way before there due. This class is challenging, and really entails a lot of work. Your tests are 70% of your overall grade Homework 25% and daily news 5%. Even if you do extremly well on your homework, and do your five news articles, and fail your test you might not pass the class. You need to decide if you have enough time to devote for this class before actually taking it.

There is a lot of reading in this class, it is best for you as a student to use the study guides and notes provided by the instructor. Flash cards are very useful for this course, even if it hasn't helped you in the past.

If you are not ready to give up most of your time or have a lot of other courses that have a lot of busy Work this Class is not the one for you. This class requires a ton of time and work. The Tests are extremely Difficult. However if you take time and memorize the maps and are good at tests you will do great in this class. Otherwise this class is a fun class and you learn a great deal about Geography

This is a very challenging course; do not take it unless you can commit a lot of time.

The thing about this class is that it requires a great deal amount of time to sufficiently learn the material. This is a tough course that has a lot of work and information related to it.

Geography 105 is a hard course to master, but the materials covered in the course are very enjoyable to learn about. Prepare yourself to spend a lot of time studying so that you are ready for the tests! Also, go over each of the essays before the test so that you have an idea of what you are going to write about. Make sure you complete the study guides and review them before the tests, and also make sure you master the maps before the test. I enjoyed my experience in Geography 105, but wish I would have worked harder to get a better grade. Good luck!!

anyone who is going to take this course needs to really study very hard and know your essays the maps very well and know how to spell everything right!!! read all the material that is given to you and read and anwers all the questions on the study guides!!

Geography is not just about maps and locations but the history or those locations. So do not think that you can passed the class by just listening to lectures, you must take time out to learn history and locations. Also, the instructor is a very picky grader. If you do not use the correct term to what you are trying to get across then he will mark it wrong. Also, if you spell the country wrong, its wrong, so just get use to it, he doesn't care if you are a bad speller.

If your not willing to put in the time. DO NOT enroll in this class. This is not your ordinary introduction class. It is much harder. If you are willing to work and learn your in the right class. This is not to discourage you but I'm an A student and I have difficulty.

Attend class and do the homework on time and passing this class should be no problem.

My advice is to study a week before the exams. Make sure to print off the notes before class starts. You don't have to purchase Xanadu. DO NOT ever expect to leave that class early nor leave on time.

This class could be a very great experience if you put the correct amount of time into it. If you do not study the material on a regular basis, you will not do well. Do not wait until the night before or even two nights before to study. The exams cover a lot of material and if you do not prepare yourself they will be near impossible to do well on. The lectures are very interesting, and if you pay attention and get to know the material you will do good.

THIS CLASS IS HARD!!!! be ready to work your butt off!! I suggest that if your taking other classes not tot ake this one because it is VERY time consuming. Make sure you are taking VERY easy classes so that you can dedicate more time to this one.

READ, READ, READ!!!! Pay attention to the questions on the homework assignments! Read very carefully and go over it again. Sometimes things are more obvious than you would expect. Don't be too overwhelmed when the class begins! Professor Harwood does not give any surprises; what he says and provides is exactly what is expected of you. There are no trick questions, only precise research. Read the material BEFORE class and participate!!! Sometimes the obvious answer IS the answer; don't overthink things. Even if the answer isn't totally correct, say it anyway, you just may be on the right track. Ask questions! You WILL get an answer, and if you don't, you will get a reason why not. Don't give up, just work through the class! You can do it if you study!

I really enjoyed this class and the teacher. However this is not an easy class by any means. It is a lot of work and a lot of information to know for the tests.

The instuctor really know what he's talking about. He has done a lot of traveling...Do take a lot of notes...Hope you enjoyed the clas as much as I have.

I really enjoyed this class Professor Harwood is very knowledgable and you can tell he is interested in his field.

Stay on top of the homework! It's far too easy to let the assignments start to pile up.

The course is incredibly time consuming and a good amount common sense is essential. The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject but requires alot out of each student to complete the course. It was difficult to not have a book to refer to, but the articles and information provided correlate with the course materials. The course was shortened to 12 weeks, but I'm not sure that extending it to the full 16 weeks would have helped me excel in the course. My only suggestion is to save the CIA Factbook web page to your favorites because you will DEFINITELY use it for assignments! Having the site will save you a tremendous amount of time on worksheets. Here's the link:

If you want to know about the rest of the World, this is the class for you!

The class was actually pretty fun. I didnt do any of the readings and i still got a B or higher in the class

This class is a lot of work for a 100 level class. I would recommend that you show up for every class and participate in discussions. Make sure you read the required text and allow plenty of time to study for the exams - they are tough.

This class is a lot of work. The homework is time consuming and the reading is huge. I didn't know what I was getting into when I signed up for this course, but throughout the semester I realized that I was really enjoying the class. Mr. Harwood knows his information and you can tell that he enjoys what he does.

This class is very demaning. Don't start the homework the day before it's due. You will burn yourself out. Read the recommended readings, and ask questions if you don't understand something. You will learn alot and will appreciate what you have. Share your knowledge with others!!!

This is a very challening class. You have to work and study hard. Most of your time will need to be devoted to this class. Read everything you are supposed to, complete the homework assignments on time and study really hard for the tests and you will be fine!

this class is difficult and I suggest you have the time to devote to the course work or you will not succeed

This instructor for this course has first-hand knowledge about much of the material covered in class and is very enthusiastic about the subject. You will learn a great deal in this course. You will also have to study a great deal in this class to be successful. It's challenging, but it's possible to be successful in this class.

I enjoyed this class although the study time required to get a good grade is astronomical. I would take another class with him if available. I have learned so many things about the world that always seemed to complicated to understand. I didn't like studying all the countries in the world BUT appreciate it now that I am finished. When would I ever do that on my own? Never. Places that you hear about on the news now have a history and I can connect to the story better. I am an older student going back to school so perhaps I appreciate learning more about the world and it's history.(?) Take this class if you truly want to learn. You will study something and ask yourself "what does this have to do with Geography?" It All fits in and it amazes you. At the begiining of the course go to TLC and print off all the material needed. Print the study guide and keep it with that same material. Be organized with your material. Did I mention you need to STUDY?

This course is challenging; the material, and the test makes it worse!! get ready to study like crazy!

This is not like any other class you have taken at Black Hawk. You will actually need to study and work hard! This is a great class, and the topics covered are things that everyone should learn. STUDY STUDY STUDY!

The professor is a great professor who really knows his stuff. This was probably the most difficult course I've ever taken, but you come out of the class having learned a lot. Make sure you read all the assigned material and set aside a lot of time to study. This isn't a course that you can just "slip by" in. You actually have to work at it.

not a fan of this class

If you are looking for an easy grade, DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS! If you want to learn, then definitely take this class. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable, and has a passion for this course. However, even though this is labeled as Intro. to Geography, this is not tought as an introductory course.

procrastination = bad

Here's the bottom line: if you're the kind of student who, while working on an especially difficult homework assignment, says "ugh! this is ridiculous," and quits, this class is not for you; if, on the other hand, you're the kind of student who, while working on an especially difficult homework assignment, says "ugh! this is ridiculous," and finishes anyway, this class is for you. (It's called M . . . A . . . T . . . U . . . well, some of you get the picture.) Good luck.

its a lot to take in...a lot to learn in short time

This course, in my opinion, was an eye opener and really tested my intelligence compared to other classes I've taken in the past. Tests were definetly harder than any other college tests I've taken. It is highly advise to begin studying as soon as the material is available. You cannot wait til the night before to start studying. But overall I enjoyed this class and would recommend it to all students.

Better study for the tests. they are hard!

Go to the course page and learn how to use it first thing then make sure you pirnt out all of the lecture notes and studie guides. he lays everything out for you clearly and is very willing to help so dont be afrai to ask. the tests are hard but if you studie the gies and know allof that you should get a good grade.. even though that can be every hard

It is a tough course, but very informational. If you want to learn and willing to spend some time,take it. One thing that bothers me is that 70% of grade is 4 Exams, so it makes it tougher, but instructor is very smart, knows what he is doing, has updated information about any country and lectures.

First off, Professor Harwood is a VERY intelligent person, and knows what he is talking about. But, I have several complaint about this instructor.

He makes exams worth 70% of your grade, and homework worth 25% of the grade. The homework is worth 100 points, and takes anywhere from 2-5 hours, depending on how much general knowledge you have. The one thing that is ABSOLUTELY rediculous, and made me VERY MAD, is that NOTHING but the map ID's were on the test. Rediculous.

Second- The exams are VERY tough. He gives you 5 essay questions on the page that shows what is expected on the test. however, he will only choose one, and will not tell you.

Third- Professor Harwood has a BIG HEAD. Don't bother trying to correct him, YOU ARE WRONG!! he is ALWAYS right. He expects you to participate in class discussions, but nobody wants to, because when they do, he just shoots them down, and talks over their head.

When decided to take this class, take into consideration your other classes, your time outside class, because this class requires A LOT.
Good Luck.

This class is easy if you study a lot for the exams and do all the homework. Also the exams are the only hard part of the course because you have to remember lots of country names for each exam and write an easy on each on as well.

If you have all of the time in the world, this class is for you. If not don't take it. This instructor knows his stuff. He is a challange, there is no doubt about that. If u think u can just fly by this class, my suggestion is that after this go drop it, save yourself some time. Otherwise this class will be simple if u do the work and show up.

This class is really hard. Definitley study the material will help you a lot. There is a lot of memorizing required for the maps on the exams. Overall, if you show up and pay attention you get a lot out of this class.

This is a hard class. Prepare yourself, and study! professor expects a lot from his class, not a class to blow off.

To Future Students if you take this class the be ready to: spend at least 30 hours a week on this class, 4 of them for homework, the rest studing and reading. This class is not easy, so do not take it if you want an easy A.

definitely study hard in this class. this class is definitely college level and the instructor expects college level work and effort.

Good teacher, but this course is a lot of work, and requires a lot of time outside of class.

Show up to class, and you have to study and then due some more. Almost to much material on the tests, and some times does not reflect your knowledge of the subject. You HAVE to study, can not BS your way through these tests.

I personally feel the instrustor is very, very knowledgable about the subject but maybe unaware that this isnt the only class his students have. Student must spend a lot of time searching and filling in answers on the homework packets that are usually not even asked on the huge test students also have to study for. more than one or two maps to be memorized for a test is a little excessive for students period let alone taking more classes than just this one. Hardwood is an awesome teacher and really knows his stuff, the course is deffinately one a student needs to take that has a lot of time.

It cannot be stated enough that the tests are VERY difficult. Hours of preparation, not just study the day before the exam are needed. A lot of material to retain, cannot be done overnight in a "cram" session.

This is by far the best course I have taken here at BHC. I was challenged by interesting material. It is not just memorization of countries and rivers. There is a fair bit of history, geology, and even politics involved in this course. If you heard this course is tough you heard correct. It involves a lot of time and effort to be successful in. Tough should not be confused with impossible. The instructor is very knowledgeable and up to date with information. I recommend it for all students.

This class is very hard. it should be conisidered a 200 class but of course it isnt. for this class you have to be very organized and make sure to do the readings and study alot for the tests. this class isnt easy.

In taking this is very difficult. If you have a huge may want to consider taking it when you don't. The tests are not based entirely off of the homework.

You will need to study.

This is a very difficult class, but well worth the time invested. Although it is hard work and requries a lot of extra effort, I feel I have a better understanding of Geography in general than if I had taken a easier class.

Mr. Harwood is an incredibly smart and open-minded individual. There is a ton of reading material, but it is interesting for sure. If you don't mind a definite challenge, go for it. I would not recommend this course to anyone that doesn't need it for their major, because it is just simply NOT a 100-level class.

The best advice I have for this course is to make sure that you have a lot of time. There are a lot of reading assignments and the homework assignments aren't something that can be completed quickly. Most of the information covered was new to me and very interesting. I wish I would have had more time to focus on all of the material.

This class is not easy but you will learn a lot from it....There is a lot of work that goes along with it so be prepared!

Study for his exams, or you'll be in trouble. You really need to know the essays and the countries! Dont waste ink printing all the reading material, only the ones he says you'll need for class.

This is not a course that is for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of study time and effort. You defintely have to earn your grade through doing well on homework and tests. This is not a sleeper course. It is best to come prepared to class and making outlines help when it comes to tests. This class also requires a lot of printing out everything on your own time. You do learn a lot and become a more educated person and understand different regions.

the instructor is very interested in this subject. never try to have a better answer then he does, it wont work. he doesn't really care about the students on a personal level. there is way to much printing off things for the class. the tests are terribly hard. the questions are way in depth. he would be a good instructor to teach at a higher level college because he asumes you pick up on the material fast.

Good luck! Be prepared to spend the time studying for this course!

Future Geography Students- Before taking this course, I did not hear anything bad or good about this class or professor. I took this class because I needed it for my elementary education degree. I really liked this class because I learned a lot about the different realms. You will 10 homework assignments. They take a while to do and are worth 100 points each. The answers are found in the readings, links on the course site, and by searching the internet and other places. An atlas will also help. To do the homework, you will have to go to the course page and print it off on you own. Print double sided to save paper if you can. If you have questions on the homework, ask because the professor will help. I know because I have asked questions on the homework. You will have four tests and the final exam is the last test. The test questions come from lecture, reading assignments, and homework. The questions are in matching, and in true and false form. There is also a short answer and essay on the test. There are two essay questions to choose from. You get to choose the one to do. There is a list of possible essay questions on the course site. He will choose two of these. You will not know which ones until the test. Knowing the essay questions will make studying easier because you will know what to study. You can also practice writing the essays, so when the test comes, you will know what to write. The course site also lists which countries you have to identify, what homework assignments, and topics the test is over. He will also tell you this in class. He also reminds you when the homework is due. I like that on the course site the essay questions are there. I always look at them before the test and think about my answer. I strongly recommend this! We do not have a textbook. The readings are on the course site and we have a packet that we have to buy that has an access code to sign up to a website with articles. He recommends reading the articles on the screen and not printing them out. I recommend that too because there is a lot to print out, but if you want to you can. For lecture, he uses PowerPoint. He also has personal stories to go along with some of the information and pictures. I enjoyed that. On the course site, you will find lecture notes. These are not all the notes. By printing out these notes, you will have less to write down. You can access your grade for this class. Besides the tests and homework, your grade also consists of two surveys, one course evaluation, class participation, and reporting between 7-10 current international news events. All you have do, is report it and he does news articles at the beginning of class. There are only a couple of complaints that I have. Some of the questions on the homework were hard to find and others were hard to understand because of the wording. There should be easier questions and questions should be reworded to make them understandable. The questions that previous students had trouble with, should be gone over before we turn in the homework. The homework took a long time to do. There should be less questions on the homework. There were a few times where I had news articles, but we did not have time to get to them, because we had to get to the lecture. There were times where we were discussing news and we took a long time discussing one article. I like that we can leave a message to future geography students because they will know what to expect and make their geography class a better and easier experience. I hope future geography students enjoy this course as much as I did. I would also recommend reading the comments of previous geography students and when the class is over, send a message also.

This is a very intense course. You will learn a lot in a small amount of time. The exams are very difficult. Take good notes and use all of your resources! Show up to every class, if you miss one day you have missed too much. Good Luck!

Geography 105 is a pretty entertaining class. However, don't expect to just show up and get an A or B. It requires a lot of reading and studying.

I thought that the course was very interesting and it was an open enviroment where you felt you could participate freely. Professor Harwood was always very helpful with everything and I learned a lot.

I have heard many students complain about this course and advise fellow students to not take it. I strongly disagree with that. This is the first course that has challenged me since attending BlackHawk and I welcome that challenge. This course is more realistic to the type of courses you will be taking at a 4-year university. There is good information along with challenging course work.

Mr. Harwood is a great teacher. He knows a lot and expects you to learn a lot. He's very dedicated to teaching and has well planned out lesson plans. You always know what to expect from him and he tries his best to inform student's. It's not an easy A class. You have to study to get a good grade so don't take it if you are looking for an easy class. If you do like to learn --- then this would be a good class to take. You'll definately learn where places are that you didn't know before. You have homework for this class and have to study ...... but overall it's an interesting class. Print out all the study guides and fill them out during lecture.. That will save you a lot of time.

print off the materials and study study study. this class isnt easy!

Make sure your maps are exact. This teacher is a difficult grader. Also make sure your information is current. Bookmark the cia website it is lifesaver.

I'd be very careful in selecting this couse. Mr. Harwood is a very good professor but, this class is very difficult. If u like a challenge this is the class to take.

This course can be a rather simple class as long as the student knows the material. Most of the readings online are not necessary to read unless the instructor emphasizes a readings importance. The instructor likes to get through all of the material through the course of the semester, so at times everything will seemed a bit rushed. It's best to study for this class often to retain the necessary material. None of the exams are comprehensive-which is wonderful. Mr. Harwood knows his material! It's a difficult class if you make it difficult. Do the homework assigments and current events! They will definitely boost your grade if you do poorly on the exams!

it's very difficult. there is a lot of information to know and learn, if you dont have the time to sit down and study for long periods of time, i doubt if you will do well.. this class is very time comsuming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This course takes a lot of study time, but it is very interesting!

Make sure you have a reasonable amount of time to finish the homework... it is worth a lot of points and can really effect your final grade. Review over material and countries frequently before exams, this will help you retain all the info.

Study, Study, Study

It is not hard to pass this class! If you think this class will be hard, it is not because the instructor is hard, it is because you did not use the materials that he provided you to master the subject. Everything that he lectures about is in his lecture notes and in the reading material. Use his lecture notes, read the material and complete the study guide and study, and you should get an A.

Intro to Regional Geography was a blast! Mr. Harwood is a very knowlegeable and enthusiastic instructor! The reading materials were interesting and fun to read, the assignments were fun and always entailed new information that was exciting to learn, the instructor provided study guides and notes that made the lectures easy to grasp and follow along, and ultimately made the exams easier. All in all, the class was great and fun and the instuctor NEVER dismissed the ideas of the students, yet challenged them.

This class will definitely challenge you. Stay organized and on top of studying and you will do fine in this class.

Take the time to study--be confident in knowing the material and study the maps. Keep up with the homework and turn in the assignments on time. read the readings little by little over a period of time, so as to not burn yourself out just a day or two before the test.

I was nervous for this class because of everything I heard other students say about it, but it actually wasnt very bad at all. I found it pretty interesting. The homework assignments are very time consuming, buy the atlas and be ready to spend a lot of time looking up questions on the internet. Print out the study guides and bring them, they help A TON with note taking and studying for exams. There's a lot of info on the exams so remember details.

Don't buy the course pack, it is a waste of money. There are only 4 articles in it that you need, and he out lines those articles very well in class. Study and work hard and you'll get a good grade. You have to know the countries and their proper spelling for the tests or you will not do well in the class.

The Prof. is nice but expects way too much from the student. I am usually a A or B student and I have a C in this class. I worked hard and studied a lot and it still wasn't enough. I invested many hours to understand this material. He wants detail in the exams and homework but never gives you the detail in the lectures. The homework is far fetched, no one needs to know what the population and the area per km is, in any given country. To find some of the questions on the homework is up to you and the internet and its not just putting it into Google and finding the answer. The questions are ridiculous and pointless information to know. The in class discussion or news is dumb he class on the same people first and then you never get to tell you news for the points. I had a news report everyday in class and only was able to tell mine one time. If your hand isn't raised first everyday, then you never get called on and someone will take your story.

Hold on - if you don't apply sufficient studing time, it's going to be a bumpy ride! The material is well covered and the tests cover the material. Don't put off until the last minute! Study. Study. Study!

Overall this was a very informative class for me. I learned a lot about geography. It is important to attend every class and print off the lecture notes, that really helped me on the tests. The test are very straight forward so if you review the study guide you will get a good grade. The only real problem I had was finding some of the answers to the homework. There is no text book and sometimes no clue as to where to find some of the answers. Overall it was a good class, nothing to freak out about if you put a little effort into it.

This is a very time intensive class. Keep up with homework or you will get behind fast. It is disapointing how much work the homework is only to be worth so little percentage points in the end. I think the homework and tests should be balanced out more. This class is extremely informative and interesting. I personally loved it since I have always enjoyed learning about geography. However, the class is definitely not easy. If you think you can take this class and only study a little bit here and there and do the bare minimum, you will have major problems. The exams are difficult, but if you spend a proper amount of time studying for them then you can get good grades. Basically, you need to start studying for the exam about a week in advance, and study for at least an hour a day to be adequately prepared. The instructor knows a great deal about the topics presented in the course. He is very interesting to hear in the lectures, and also very enthusiastic about teaching. Therefore, even if geography isn't your thing, if you go in with an open mind and a good attitude, he can help make it seem relevant to you.

This was a great course! Warning: you need to spend time reading all the materials and attending classes. The course was very interesting and I learned a lot that I will be able to take and apply in my classroom someday.

This class is incredibly hard. If you are not good at memorization and maps, I do not think you will enjoy it. It does provide a lot of information, but the tests are HARD!

this is a course i think every one should take,it is eye opening. i have learned a lot.

be prepared, be active, and you will succeed in this class.

For the test, study the outlines and study guides carefully. Reading over each one multiple times will help to get a good grade on the test!

This is a fantastic course to take here, especially if you plan on transferring to a four-year school. Prof. Harwood loves his stuff, and if you put in the time and effort, you can learn a lot. The tests are moderately difficult and cover everything from the lectures and readings, so be prepared to see anything. You definitely earn the grade you get, so study hard and work on those assignments. They'll take a good four hours or so to complete. If you work at it, you will succeed.

Make sure that you read all of the material on the web page and study well for the tests. You will most likely regret it if you don't.

Study hard and start early. The class is really interesting and Mr. Harwood is enthusiastic about it. One of the things that I enjoyed most about this class was the pictures shown to us by Mr. Harwood which were actually taken by him during his travels. Cool stuff!!!

don't procrastinate it makes the subject harder than it is as i reflect i would have done better had i not procrastinated this course keeps you on your feet

I believe this course had a lot of interesting things to learn about the world and our society around us. The instructor was always willing to take the time to expand on things and was very into what he was teaching

This is a very interesting class. You learn a lot from it and if you do the work, and put enough time in to studying you will be fine. This is not an easy A course, you have to work for it.

This class is tough. Be prepared to really know your maps, and definately follow the study guides. I would write out the essays in outline form before the test and study the key points to each of the essays. On all of the tests in my class he gave a list of 5 essay questions, he chooses 2 to be on the test, so you only have to study 4 of the questions. I would say as long as you know the maps and the essay questions, and actively participate in the class discussion (helps keep you focused in the class and you can remeber more), the exams will be easy. The homework, take time to really look it over. It's a really easy way to get some good points in the class. You don't though, want to try and do the homework in one night, like the night before the class. You make too many mistakes, and it takes a really long time. I would say most of the homework assignments took about 5 hours to complete.

I think that regional geography is a class that is structured for the best interest of the student. The lectures are outlined on the webpage, and the study material is readily available. The assignments are fun, and it made me research interesting facts on different countries and cultures. I really enjoy the weekly international news assignments. It got me interested in what is happening right now in other areas, and it's pretty cool that we earned points for learning about what is currently happening around the world. Another plus to this class is that there are tons of neat pictures and fun facts that keep us from getting bored. All in all, I think that this is a very informative class. It is interesting learning about different geographical areas and their cultures. It is also a bonus having an enthusiastic instructor who has personal experiance to share on the topics that we are learning.

This course requires a lot of time and effort.

This isn't a class that you can just hope for a good grade, you have to earn it - you actually have to put time and effort into it. I studied for hours and memorized my study guides for the tests, and I'm getting an A. So getting a good grade is all comes down to effort!

If you want an "A" in this course, you must read the material, show up for class, listen during class, take notes, complete the homework assignments, and STUDY! Preferably, don't wait until the night before the exam to study- take a few days to thoroughly review all the lecture notes and homework assignments.

This class isn't as hard as you think in the beginning as long as you read, do the homework, study guides, and spend time studying for the tests.

If you take this class be prepared to spend many hhours doing the homework and preparing for tests. You must know alot of information for the tests so you need to study days before the tests.

Stay on top of your assignments and you will do fine in this course. Prof. Harwood is an excellent instructor.

This class is very informative, but be sure to study a lot. You really need a lot of time to study for the exams because they are a bit difficult. The teacher is very interested in the subject. Just stay on track and you will be fine. Just a lot of information to know.

Good course, but has a lot of work, and searching elsewhere for answers.

The instructor is very interested in what he is teaching you, and really does love what he is doing. This is a very difficult class and one that you really need to study for to get a good grade in.


He gives you the possible essay questions that could be on the test. Also if you study all of them you will find that other parts of the test will contain all the essay questions, but just in a different form. Make sure you have current events and not events from a month or two ago.

A very impressive teacher. A very impressive class. The knowledge of Professor Harwood is very captivating. He is very proud. I will say, plan on studying ALOT!! He is there to help you if you need it.

This course required quite a bit of time

Homework is very time consuming and tests are very difficult. Homework must be exact- no misspelling or abbreviating

This class turned out to be nothing like what I expected. I was nervous to take this (required) course because I hadn't had geography for almost ten years. At the first few classes I became more nervous when I learned that we would NOT have a text book. As time went on and we had our first test my nerves were set to rest. Although I didn't have a book to read from I was provided all the information that I needed to do successful on the exam. Word to the wise, always have your outline with you during class. It will save you from hand cramps. A lot of the notes are already there for you. You just have to add in some additional information. Overall, it was a really great class. I enjoyed it more than any other class I have taken at Black Hawk. Professor Harwood really makes the class interesting and prepares you well.

Be prepared to spend more than the average amount of time outside of class on homework and studying. That is if you do the work all yourself! Classes are very informational and interesting. With the instructor's experience it makes class much more exciting. For example, pictures that he has taken around the world traveling and working. I never missed one class! I was told that this class was hard and it is! This class is not for slackers, but completely doable and rewarding in the end!!

This class has been very enjoyable. I had low expectations coming into the class based on what I had heard from other students, but I am covinced otherwise. Using the provided materials such as study guides and lecture outlines enabled me to be successful in the class. If you attend class, take notes, do your homework, and study before the tests, you will be successful.

Informative and hard

You have to show up to every class in order to get an "A" in this course. The tests are worth way more than the homework and in order to do well on the tests you have to be very well prepared. He is a passionate teacher and he is good, but you seriously have to work hard to do well in his classes.

If you plan on taking this course: plan on investing in paper, ink, and large amounts of time. You would think that the fees you pay, which is calculated into tuition, would make to where the teacher would print it out and hand out-nope-you have to print it yourself. I've spent around $70 for paper and ink. One-third of the reading was a waste of time because it wasn't even on the exam. I think the instructor thinks that you ave no other classes but his. Homework is only 25% of the grade, news articles/participation is 5%, and Exams are 70%. The homework is so time consuming and some of the answers are hard to find. Homework should be worth more. Exams are difficult-----goodluck on that. The exams will pretty much determine your final grade. News articles are easy....but watch out....the instructor thinks he knows everything. Overall, I learned alot. The material was interesting. I know more now than I did before.

I came into the semester hearing about how difficult it was, and that it was impossible to earn a good grade. Basically what I learned is that you earn your grade, and to get a good grade you must do what is asked of you. Read the articles, complete the homework assignments, and spend a good amount of time studyng for the exams. You must be willingly to put forth the time to be successful in the class. Overall, I thought the class was very informative. It was very apparent Mr. Harwood is knowledgeable about the topics we covered. This was a great class.

This course was probably one of the most interesting and informative courses I've taken at Blackhawk. The material is very captivating and I often found myself discussing it outside of class. Allow yourself an efficent amount of time to complete the homework and the tests (for they are quite lenghty) However, if you put in the effort, it's a great class.

To be successful in this class form study groups as soon as possible.

Study with another student or a group.

Good Class

Many people wrote that this course is too difficult, but i found that if you apply yourself, this course isn't too bad at all. I found that you have to work a little harder than other classes, but the professor of this class is ready to help if you need it. Overall i found this to be a great class and i felt that i learned a lot.

I really enjoyed learning Geography and I feel I can apply this class to my future teaching experiences. I did work really hard to earn a good grade in his class but I felt it was worth the time and effort. After all isn't school suppost to challenge you a little bit? Ask as many questions as you need to get you where you want to be in the class, he is always willing to help provide the best answers to your questions.

This course is very interesting and gives you a broad knowledge of the world. Class is taught very appropriately with time spent well in each unit covered. This class requires a lot of time away from class reading and doing homwork, but is satisfying when doing it. It is not a hard course if you take some time and learn the material. I have enjoyed this class a lot.

Instructor was probably, one of the best that Black Hawk has to offer. Take advange of hard work and effort that Harwood has endured.

I thought that this class was very educational and I enjoyed coming to class everyday. Most of the tests were very difficult and I expect that from college classes, but some of them I felt like we needed to know a little bit too much. I think I'd rather have more tests and less material for each because I feel I could master the material better that way. I was always overwhelmed when it came to test time because I had to know so much information that I couldn't concentrate on other classes. I guess my opinion is to make more tests with less material on each so that it can be split up a little bit more and not make it so overwhelming.

Take notes or print them off and study them well. Make sure to understand everything and know how to put it in words for test essays. Do the homework and study the maps for the tests.

This class requires you to put in hours of time for study and homework. You do learn in this class and it is very beneficial. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to study for the test!

Professor Harwood is one of the best instructors I've ever had. He expects a lot out of his students, and that's a great thing. His confidence is an inspiration to learn the subject matter and retain the information.

this is not a breeze course, only take if required. It is very useful and insightful knowledge but only take if you don't work that much if at all and have lots of time to read.

Answer the study guide questions during class. It helped me when it came time to study for an exam.

Overall Mr. Harwood was a good instructor. He explained things fluently to students if need, and he never rushed through anything. I would recommend him to others.

I really enjoyed the course. Mr. Harwood does a good job of making the class interesting. It's not a difficult class unless you don't do your homework. My suggestion to future students is to attend the class because you will learn the most by paying attention to his lectures. This is a class where there is a lot of work to do, but it isn't overwhelming.

Study all the material and read the articles. By do this, you will pass with a good grade. All in all, one of the best classes you will take. Instructor teaches the class well and gives lots of fun information to learn about.

I feel that there was too much material to try and learn. The homework assignments took copious amounts of time and a lot of the information that was to be found on the assignment wasnt even going to be on the test. The Professor was very knowledgable, however he likes to talk about all the things he has accomplished even though it is not related to GEOGRAPHY....i mean its wonderful that he has accomplished all of this....but i didnt really feel it was necessary for him to go on and on about these subjects.

Study, study, study and maybe you will manage to get a good grade. If you don't have to take this class, don't! The instructor is terrible and thinks you should be a master at this subject when you are not. He is very smart but thinks that no one is as smart as him. He also makes many rude remarks because he believes that he knows it all.

Many students who have had Dr. Harwood, have stated to me how hard of a teacher he his. I have now had him for two classes. He is not a hard teacher. His material is easy to follow and he does cover all the material needed to do well on the tests. Lack of time or effort is what makes this his courses hard. The work is time consuming and one has to know the subject, however if one takes good notes and pays attention they will be fine in this course.

This is an excellent course about very interesting topics that are very important to know in the world we live in today. The instructor knows what he's talking about and is very well educated and organized. This class is hard though, one mut study and put effort towards it, if one does this, success is definitley achievable.

This is one of the finest courses and instructors that I have encountered at BHC. Perhaps you have read the dire warnings above and below; this is the hardest class ever, the tests are impossible, the homework takes forever. You will probably also read the comments that say the homework is not that hard, study for the tests and you will be ok, the class will return what you put into it. All of these things are true in that they reflect different individual experiences with this material and this instructor. Yours may be similar, or maybe you will have some completely new revelation in your semester with Harwood. I go to school to better understand the world, and my place in it. Every class I take, I piece into the bigger picture. The fine thing about this class is that we spent quite a bit of time looking specifically at the bigger picture, the way individual events and behavior effect the world at large. Harwood knows his s***, and he obviously enjoys teaching this material. You will not be wasting your time if you take this class. That is, if you take this class and care. But if you do not care and just need a requirement, maybe this is not the class for you. If you do take this class, engage during lecture. Harwood asks plenty of questions; answer them. Then ask him questions. Read the material. Talk about it with your friends outside the class. Integrate it into your life. Dissolve the barrier between acadamia and the real world. Do not forget that all this stuff we study is about the world we share. It is too easy to get caught up in studying because you need to take some test. Study because you care. If you dont care, dont waste your time. Ask good questions.

Read everything, come to class, and study your ass of to get the A.....

Suggestions get a three ring binder and print off everything a put you material inside it- lifesaver. Use the website to memorize countries ect. It was very helpful to me and I'm sure it will be for you. If you get a B in his class, consider yourself smart because a large percentage of the class was getting a C or D,F. On the essays, write, write, write know your material.

i do not believe a lot of the information was necessary for the degree i want. in elementary ed. only about 20% of what we learn will we need to pass on to our students. my main problem with this was that the homework did not help when studying for a test. we had to look up useless in formation such as the sheep population in austrailia. and unless you are against our president and the war, the tangents against them during every lecture are quite uneccessary and obnoxious. the professor pretty much forces his opinion of them on you all the time, and i don't think this is proper. while i did learn some interesting things, i could think of a lot better things to have spent my money on.

This class is by far one of the best experiences ive had at blackhawk. Mr. Harwood is very knowledgable when it comes to geography and it made it that much more interesting. The way he set up the course and how he organized it was far superior to any other class ive taken at bhc. Loved the course and would take it again if i could

The only thing I would tell future students is to pay attention and study hard. That goes for any class, but especially for this one. Professor Harwood makes it possible to succeed. He gives you the study guides, the lecture outlines, and exam essays ahead of time. Study these, know them, outline your essays, study your homework assignments. Don't miss class. And don't forget to sit back and enjoy what you are learning.

Professor Harwood is extremely knowledgeable about earth science. He's passionate about the course and it shows through his efforts to put together the lecture, class website, etc. This course will take some studying on the student's part, but the material is presented clearly enough to ensure success on tests. Do your homework, show up to class, and study a few days before each test and you can't fail.

I liked this course. Prof. H. knows his stuff. I liked the lectures. I think the tests will shock you. Be sure to study all the note and especially the country names.

Overall, the class is very interesting and the current events were helpful because I don't have much time to sit down and watch the news but I do like to know what is going on in the world.

"Plan on taking time to gather all of the reading materials from the web. Stock up on paper and ink, because it really helps to print off the articles and have them in front of you during class. The homework assignments take time to complete. Don't think that you can do them quickly before the class. The lecture notes do help, it is recommended that you print them out and bring them to class. This saves you from trying to write everything down from the power points. But bring some extra paper along, as there is some notes that aren't include in the lecture notes. Continually be studying for the exams, they creep up on you faster than you will know. You will definitely want to work on memorizing the countries. If you know those then those are an easy 25 points on the exams. "

This course is taught by an instructor that goes out of his way to help become more interested and more knowledgeable about the material, and since the teacher goes above and beyond the student should be ready to do the same. It is a tough class to get an A in but not when the teacher makes the material so intriguing.

keep up on the readings and homework, it helps prepare for the test. oh, and the test are diffucult and the majority of your final grade.

This is a great course.

in order to get a decent grade in the class you MUST spend a sufficient amount of time studying

i thought this course helped me learn a lot about geography and though it was hard it was worth taking.

You learn a lot from this class, but be prepared to study hard for the exams. Some of the sections are better than other's but overall the instructor does a very good job of relaying the information.

This is a very interesting course, however you must be prepared to invest a LOT of time for homework and studying.

Lots of information not covered in lecture that is on the test and never covered in class. He does not help with the homework and will not give a hundred very often. It seems like he doesn't care about the students because he could care less if the class average on a test or even the class is a D or A. I would recommend only taking this if it is your major because otherwise it can be very challenging to keep up

This class was my favorite. The instructor always made the assignments clear and the class lectures always made it more interesting. He took the time in class to make sure everyone understood the material. Great instructor for geography.

Great teacher, good class. Do the homework and it shouldn't be a problem.

This is a very knowledgeable class and I enjoyed the course, but be prepared to spend a lot of your time doing homework and studying for tests!

Overall I really enjoyed taking this class. Professor Harwood is very knowledgeable on the material and makes the class interesting. The tests are difficult because there is a lot of information on them and you must know a lot for the essay portion of the exam.

While this course is very time consuming, it is very worthwhile and informative. Harwood is very knowledgeable on all the topics and is always willing to answer questions before, during, and after class. There isn't a textbook so you spend a lot of time and money printing articles and class notes. Homework takes a long time to complete and only counts for 20 percent of grade. If you want to succeed in this course you need to attend all of the classes and spend a sufficient amount of time reviewing the study guide! Make an outline of every essay question so you can get a better grade on the tests. Good Luck!

This course was challenging and interesting. I have learned more from this course than I could have ever imagined. The knowledge I will be taking with me is not a superficial knowledge that I will forget with time (as is the case with most courses). There is a lot of busy work associated with this class (mainly the homework assignments). The required readings are interesting but difficult since many are decades old. WARNING: DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A SLACKER COURSE!!! Professor Harwood is a well educated person who knows what he's talking about, his lectures, homework assignments, website, etc... were extremely helpful and made the material we covered very interesting.

The Exams are awfully hard, when you have an eassy and short answers, plus maps, it makes it hard to study for 2 nights and get it in your head to even do well on the exams.

Do the news articles, and turn in your homework on time.

As long as you keep up with reading materials and show up for class you will do fine. For exams I would start studying a week in advance. Start by memorizing all the maps a little at a time. Also have someone give you a spelling test of each word. The maps are the easy points if you study. The multiple choice questions aren't too hard if you were there for lecture. For the essays I would write each one out in advance. just read the articles

This course supplies the materials needed in order to feel better about your all around knowledge of other countries, their locations and cultures, as well as many other aspects of geography. STUDY HARD! and make sure you have a study group lined up for tests!

I enjoyed this course and came away with a great deal of knowledge about the world.

Do your homework, go to class, and get the notes and reading material offline. It will help. Trust me.

The class is very interesting. One word of caution do not procrastinate with the homework assignments. They take some time to do. I wish that they reflected on our overall grade a bit more. For the amount of time that is spent on them, it only seems fair.

The tests require hours and hours of studying!! There are large essays, short answers that sometimes require paragraphs, many hard multiple choice questions, and map labeling over a couple of continents per test. If you want an A or a B then plan on studying all night or all weekend for each test!! Although, Harwood is very knowlegable about geography and easy to talk to! He always has fun pictures on slides to show during each class from all over the world. Be sure to do your current events because it's an easy way to earn points. And homework might take a while but isn't that hard!! Good luck future students!

This class is challenging. If you are after easy credits this is not the class for you. Many of the selected reading materials are narrow and make references to events and ideas that the average student will not understand. The homework is time intensive but your only source of easy points. If you stick with the class and study, you will find your time well spent. Good luck

This course isn't for someone who wants an easy class and doesn't care if they learn anything. It is a class that has to have effort put toward it or it will be reflected by his or her grade. If you have a question on where to find answers for the assignments ask Professor Harwood; he will help you in the right direction. I would strongly recommend printing off the study guides on the web page prior to class and then taking your notes on those. I also recommend printing off the maps at the start of each chapter that will be on the exams. I use these materials to study for the test, and it proved very helpful. There is a lot of material to read if you run out of time don't worry. The exams may have one or two questions from the readings, but it will not make a huge difference in your grade. This class is very interesting and it is worth the effort you put into it.

This course despite other some other courses that I had,require "many hours of readings".I think the key to success in this course is to read all materials ,and pay attention to the instructor in the class. For me, attending class every day and taking notes really helped to undrestand the concepts of the course better. Overall, I had very good exprience in this course.

very intense, very informational and a great course to take

You have to take this class! Even if there is plenty of reading (sometimes an easy read, sometimes very technical), it is well worth it for all that you learn. This class makes you aware of what is going on in the world around you, how it affects you and gives you the history leading up to present day affairs. No other class you have taken will be like this one, or will ever teach you about your world. Professor Harwood makes you think, act, and learn about the world around you. Do not miss out on this class.

The instructor was very knowledgable about the material. This class is what you put into it. It may seem overwheleming, but it can be very informative.

"This is an excellent course for anyone who wants to know more about the different parts of the world and their history and culture. Mr Harwood is very knowledgeable and very interesting. This class does involve work, but that is what helps you learn the material!

"Do not blow off the homework. It takes a long time to do it but these are easy points. They are the only easy points you will get in the class.

"Make sure you do your homework assignments thouroughly!

"The tests are hard! Too many essay's to study from.

"Be ready to study, but you'll be happy with taking the course in the end.

"Too much material required to read. expensive: printer paper/ink.

"This class was very hard, but with time & actually doing homework & taking time to study it is not that bad. Also make sure you have a printer with lots of ink & paper!!

"Read Everything!!

"Make sure you have enough time to devote yourself to the class because there is a lot of reading involved.

"It's a very hard class and requires a lot of time and effort, but it is definitely worth it! It's a great class and you'll learn alot and see some Great pictures!

"I though Professor Harwood was a very good teacher. He knew exactly what he was talking about. Using the projector to display notes and allowing students to print them off before class is a good way to make sure that the students have access to the material that is on the tests. He did a very nice job. Although he was a though teacher, I would take another class of Professor Harwood."

"I loved that this course included so many disciplines - history, anthropology, social studies, geology, etc, etc. A neat class with a lot of useful information and a help for well-roundedness and general knowledge."

"this class should have been worth more credit hours for all the time that was spent out of class studying and preparing for this class. Spending hours each weekend working on the homework assignments was way too long. Most of the homework was sufficient to the study section but a few of the questions were impossible to find. also the grading of the maps was a little to picky. maybe using a map with border lines for the different countries would have helped. that is where i lost points at for the homework assignments."

"My only complaint about this course is that the homework should definitely count for more than 25% of the overall grade because of the amount of work that went into it. Other than that, I really liked this class, and I feel like I learned a lot."

"Overall I feel that this was truly a great class, and I have already recommended it to fellow classmates. I feel that while it is a lot of work, and the tests take a lot of time to study, I still feel that that time was well spent. I will walk away from this class knowing so much more than before, my previous map identification abilities were embarassing! I felt this class was very well organized and I truly wouldn't change a thing about it!"

"I think that some of the material that was supposed to be looked for in the homework was always on a different web page than those that the majority of the class looked on. It would be nice to know some of the specific web pages that the instructor would like, rather than searching through 6 pages that all have a different answers."

"Overall I was very pleased about this course. I learned a lot. I like how we could print out the notes online and you would go over them in class adding here or there. Also offereing the study guide with each set of notes helped a lot when it came test time. Most classes do not offer this to you and you are lost when it comes to the test because you covered so much material but not with this class. There was a lot of information but the study guide helped a lot. One thing I would say negitive was on the homework sometimes the answers were very hard to find. I did not like doing the landforms but I'm sure no one really does. Once again I really liked how you had the powerpoints and notes available before class and your slides and maps helping us more understand what we were talking about. I never left class confused or having no idea. Also keeping the sylabbes up to date helped when it came down to managing your time with homework and tests. Reminding when homework or certain things were due by writing them on the board also helped a lot, because some teachers don't say a thing and it can become difficult when you are taking a full load of classed. I always left amazed at what I did not know or where something was located. A lot of what was learned in this class I think most Americans have no idea about. I think taking this course will help me out with other classes, not just geography but other courses I take. I would recommened this course to anyone. Thanks!"

"I feel that this course was very educational to me in many ways, one I did learn some new things about geography that I didn't already know. 2 I loved how the class went more in depth about the country where as my geography classes in jr. high and high school did not. 3, because of the depth the course went into it made this class more challenging than the other geography courses and earth science that I have taken. I enjoyed this class and I look forward to Geography 102 next semester with Mr. Harwood."

"The notes were somewhat boring when we could just print them out and have to listen for 75 mins. Teacher was very enthusiastic and provided many facts I did not know previously. The slides were helpful in understanding the land and culture of other countries. More recent videos would be helpful instead of taking notes every day. A lot of material covered. I am happy that I learned so mush in this couse this semester."

"This class is very hard and knowledgable. It is interesting, but the grading should involve the homework points a little more because of all the work and effort put into it. Overall, the class was very good."

"Keep up the good work. And for other countries you talk about, make sure to visit them and get pictures to share in class."

"I found it to be an enjoyable course, and I'm glad I added it and dropped another class I was then enrolled in."

"I did learn alot in this class although I believe it was at a level much higher than 100 level. This is an introductory course, not a graduate course. I believe that the homework assignments should be worth much more toward our final grade because they took up an astronomical amount of time and searching to do. Some people aren't as good test takers as others is another reason i believe the assignments should weight more than they do. I also don't really agree with the internet having to do be so pertinent in this class. I think in the future you should make a note along side of your class in the schedules book that for this class you need to have computer access becuase alot of the class is based on what you find on the internet. All together I had a good experience."

"The Instructor was great in his teaching and enthusiasm to the class, However there were a few problems. The homework was slighlty confusing and vague on some questions, but my experience on searching the textbook map and the internet helped me to overcome that and I succeedd. But the major problem for me in this class was the exams, especially on the essays. I do not test very well and can't retain a large portion of the essays unless it is something over that I have learned before in the past. In addition, the exams have several trick questions and some questions in different words that confused me. I feel that 70% on the exams is a little high so I feel that 60% should go on the exams with 30% on the homework and 10% on the current events and participation. That would make GEOG 105 a better class for everyone. If anyone gets a C in this class, then you have done well, not meaning that everyone should not get an A or B like I have been trying, but thank you Mr. Harwood for your time this semester and I have increase some more knowledge in your course."

"I really liked this class, but unfortunately sometimes I thought it was too much too fast. I know we only have so much time but it was hard to really retain a lot of the knowlegde learned. I with the homework was a bit easier. In that a text to go along with it. Sometimes I would spend 1 hour just looking for the answer to one question on the web. With all the time put into the homework I really think it should be worth more of our grades. I spent more time doing homework than I did studying for the tests. And I received all B's on my tests. On a positive note, I know I learned a lot no matter what grade I get back. So between my homework grades, my time spent and the knowlegde I know I have I give myself an A+. Thank you so much and I promise to do my best with my students in geography when I become a teacher."

"The tests included so much information. I think it would be easier if there was a quiz in between the tests, or just more tests that included less information at once. I felt like I was overloading my brain trying to study for the tests. I really like the notes and study guides that were provided on the web page. It helped me a lot because I have carpal tunnel. It would have been horrible to write all of the notes out by hand."

"I felt for the amount of time + effort that went into the homework that they should have been worth more than 25% Many of the articles assigned may have been interesting, but were not mentioned in class or tested over in the degree of time time spent reading them. I throughly enjoyed the class and learned the geography of newly developed countries that have emerged in the last 10-25 years. I'm glad I took the course. It was interesting + challenging - a good combination."

"I think this was an exelent class very interesting, but to much all at once. This is the only class I have this semester and thank goodness because I would not have time for another. I have never had to take time off work or stay up until the middle of the night to study before, and I have gone to BHC for five years now. Please consider making this a two semester course. I am getting a decent grade, but it has been near impossible. I do think you are a good teacher, very knowledgable and interesting."

"I learn a lot from this class the instructor is very knowledgable and made many overheads and computer presentations from that made the material easier to understand."

"Had problems from time to time getting info from internet. As older student this became a challenge from time to time working on internet. May need to bring fact up tha alot of info will come from computer and could be a problem if you have older one or do not have one. Other than that was a very interesting course and learned lots of info. Hope to some day visit some of the places we talked and learned about."

"Expectation regarding essays on exams could be made more clear. perhaps mention how many main ideas/points were covered, and/or informing how many should be covered. Grading or essay questions could be made a little more consistent; or elaborated upon the points not earned/deducted on the questions. (Maybe). Landforms & some info on homework assignments was never mentioned/tested/touched upon. It was around 20% busy-work every assignment. Sitting @ a computer searching the internet for land areas, population, etc is quite pointless when not used/applied in class or on the exam. Streamline or incorporate "busy-work" parts of homework. Time is too valuable in college: make us think, or leave us be..."

"The course was informative and I learned a lot about the subjects introduced. The instructor was knowledgable about the topics and you can tell is is an area that truly interests him. The slides were also a benefit. They help reinforce the information he provided. The only thing that would be nice would be if the study notes came in a pack instead of us having to print them. Sometimes I forgot or ran out of time to get them printed. I also didn't realize that I did not know many country locations and re-learning or learning them has been a plus."

"The homework information was too vague (trying to find the answers on the internet). It is different if there is a textbook to read and find the information in. I spent many hours trying to find the exact answer whern there should have been one place - a textbook."

"The class was hard. But at a college level that's to be expected. I became more discipline with my school work because of this. I didn't think the grading was always fair. The 70% grade for tests was real confusing and I found the grades to not reflect class work very well. Seems like teacher pushes students a little to far."

"well, if the assignments are going to take a long time to do and or work on they should be counted for a larger part of your grade. Tests are pretty difficult I would limit the length along with the in dept questions. The lectures were good, however you can only talk about something for so long then its time to move on."

"Homework assignments were excellent learning tools. The notes followed the lesson every class. The only problem is that I do not agree with the way the exams were graded or the difficulty of the exams. The other negative is that I disagree with how much influence the exams have on the final grade. I did the work, but the test are difficult for me so my grade suffered."

"Despite a lot of verbal warning regarding the degree of difficulty I would encounter with this instructor, I found the course fair and tough. The only change I could recommend, which may not be possible, is increasing the length of time covering each subject area. Otherwise I found the class interesting and worthwhile."

"Having everything on the web made this class a lot harder than it should have been. But the instructor was very good at answering questions and concerns."

"On the homework alot of items need research on the internet. I think it would be more helpful to put links on teh homework to help students get accurate information cause so many sites have different figures and some could be wrong as I have found out."

"When I took this class I didn't relize how tough it really is because I thought it was just an entry level class. I still don't understand why an entry level class is so tough. I have had 200 level classes a lot easier than this one. I think homework assignments should be worth more than just 20% of the grade. I also think the tests should have better study guides. Should have outline for the tests."

"The course was designed to be harder than it should have been. The homework assignments at times were too hard. Some of the questions were extremely hard to find (ex. the sheep population question) The notes on the web helped! That was a plus!! Overall, a good experience!!"

"I thought the class was very interesting and enjoyed it. THe web page materials were very helpful and it was good you showed interest in the subject. I wish my grade was better."

"I was weary coming into this class that it would be hard and boring, but, I must say, I actually enjoyed it. You are by far my favorite professor. Thank you!"

"I enjoyed this class. The info taught and homework to be done was fun and sometimes a pain in the butt. But I learned a lot and thought it was very beneficial to me. It helped that I live geography."

"I really enjoyed the class, and I was really surprised on how interesting it was. I had figured it would be 'where's this country and what's its capital'. It was on interesting mix of history + geography. I'd say don't change a thing. Well, maybe the hours, 9:30 is a bit early."

"Mr. Harwood was very well informed + enthusiastic about his class. His homework assignments were a bit time consuming although challenging. I appreciated the chance to seek out information that was new to me. Although I do think he should change his homework from semester to semester. This would alliviate the passing around of answers + maybe our homework could weigh more grade wise. The homework assignments + reading material were easily located + I enjoyed the freedom WEBCT gave me to work ahead."

"Add more of the reading assignments into the lecture. Go easy on exams - way to hard. Let students pick essay to write (maybe)"

"The powerpoint slides where nice because it allowed us to follow along in your lecture. The only problem I had was to relate all the information together."

"The use of slides and notes on the web page were very useful."

"This is the 2nd time I have hd you + I always really enjoy your classes. I enjoy your knowledge + pictures of other cultures/countries."

"I really enjoyed having you as an instructor. I really liked how you posted the notes on the web. I did not like having to go on WebCT to print off the reading material. Some of the material was worthless."

"I learned so much in this class. Although it was hard, I was glad to learn all of the countries. There was so many positive things about the class. The only negative things I would bring up, is that I thought the grading on the homework + test essays was a little hard. The experience in the web research will be helpfull to me in the future!! Thanks!"

"I think assignments could have fewer questions. It seemed to be a lot of busy work."

"The only complaint I have is that I do not believe the homework is given in a large amount towards the total grade. I worked harder and longer on the homework."

"I thought that some of the sentences/questions & for directions on assignments are not clear enough to explain what it's asking for. the tense of the sentence (the use of past, present and future tense). Other than that, everything was good."

"I found the web pages very helpful. The homework helped a lot with the test, but some of the questions were to hard + time consuming to find and som questions didn't really understand why were on there. Current events was also helpful, because I think a lot of people wouldn't invest time looking at the paper."

"The web material and lecture style - powerpoint, slides, etc. - were very helpful in understanding the material. Lectures, reading, and web materials were consise and directly applied to exams. Although, little information was given directly addressing exam questions or specifics, the study guides and information provided were representative of exam questions. Thanks for a great semester!"

"I thought the way you teach this class is excellent. I heard very bad rumors about how awful this class was and how awful you are, when in reality this have been my favorite class so far at Black Hawk! You are so organized with your teaching style using slides, powerpoint, and the pictures you took! I was very impressed with everything in this class, you always had assignments handed back in no time and I found that very impressive. I am going to Punta Cana this summer and thanks to you and this class I knew exactly where that was. I had to tell my older sister where we were going because she had no clue. Thanks for everything you have taught me in this class. I think more positively about geography now."

"I thought that the web-page where we can get out notes and print them was very useful and helped in my learning. Knowing my grade by accessing the WebCT was great because it let me know my grade at all times. I was afraid to take this class because of all of the bad rumors that I heard about you, but I felt that you were a great teacher. For all the work on the homework and time spent on them (like 5 hours) I feel that they should be worth a high percentage. I really enjoyed this class because you know a great deal about the subject and I learned a lot from you."

"I didn't have any complaints about the class. The material was clear and relevant. All goals and assignments were clear and well explained. The news stories were good for getting students involved in international events. The test format is good and I think are a good indication of how well a student knows the material. Also, the time alotted for assignments was fair. I learned a lot from this course and now have an interest in international news. Thank you."

"This class by far has been one that has expanded my knowledge. Professor Harwood should be very respected for his knowledge. His slides were very helpful + interesting and related to the material that was discussed. There is only a few professors at BHC that I respect as an educated Professor, and Prof. Harwood is one of them. Thank you very much for what you have brought to this class. The work is very hard, but that is how we are challenged to learn more in life. I can't say enough how much I learned in here, and will be able to take with me in the future. Great Class!"

"This course has been hard, but I've learned so much. Everything was very well organized and I really appreciated that. The exams and homework were very hare, however, I think they did reflect my knowledge accurately. Sometimes, I had a lot of trouble with finding certain questions on the homework, so maybe you could go a bit easier on those. Altogether, I really enjoyed this class. The lecture notes were AWESOME! Keep those! They were a huge help. Thank you for helping me enjoy geography!"