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Historical Geology 102

Historical Geology 102
Student Comments
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Below are some of the student evaluation comments for the Historical Geology 102 course. These comments and evaluations are collected by the instructor at the end of the semester. Comments are reproduced in their entirety as written by the student and are in no particular order. Opinions, views or grammatical errors are those of the student and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the instructor or Black Hawk College.

Most Recent Comments

"I hated this course @ 1st but it really gotten interesting but I did not have the time to study the way I needed to study. It's not a hard course but extreme amount of memorization. The professor was excellent, he explained all in great detail. I fell test were hard but he went over all test materila. he definately knows his stuff he even made it interesting I wanted to learn it & well but didn't other classes & other life obligations. I recommend anyone to take class but do not take it as one of last classes."

"If you don't take notes (which I don't recommend) then listen carefully as the material is explained in lectures."

"Take it earlier in your major. Daily study of about 5 hours is required. Memorize, memorize do the online labs as much as you can."

"Study hard for test. Know the Geological Time Scale like the back of your hand. The tests are hard. The tests are hard. The tests are hard. Seriously, the tests are hard."

"Study from the guides provided online...Form study groups! Save and organize your notes! & your tests."

"The study guides online helped out a lot, but the tests are harder than they should be."

"I liked this course because there wasn't much homework and, even though there were a lot of notes, learning about the history of the earth is neat."

"The instructor has a lot of knowledge on the material but the source is far to hard for an introduction course."