Richard Harwood

Chile - 2001

Volcán Licancabur

Volcán Licancabur

No visits to Volcán Licancabur were actually made during the trip, but it does tend to dominate the skyline in the San Pedro de Atacama region. The peak has an elevation of 5,858 meters. It is not the highest peak in the area (Paniri, to the north, is taller at 5,946 meters), but due to its location close to San Pedro de Atacama, it appeared to be the tallest.

Geologic Summary

Volcán Licancabur is located on the border between Chile and Bolivia at approximately 22°50' S Latitude and 67°50' W Longitude, with three quarters of the volcano being located within Chile. Licancabur is a stratovolcano composed of pyroxene-bearing andesite lava flows and pyroclastic deposits. The age of the volcano is Quaternary (1.6 million years to the present), however, the lack of glacial erosion and deposits on the cone and lava flows indicates that much of the latest activity has occured during the last 10,000 years.

Volcán Licancabur

Parts of the information above have been summarized from the following source: Marinovic, N. and A. Lahsen, 1984, Hoja Calama, Region de Antofagasta, Carta geologica de Chile No. 58, 1:250,000. Servicio Nacional de Geologia y Mineria, ISSN 0716-0194.

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Volcan Licancabur (5900 m)