Richard Harwood

Chile - 2001

Excursion Itinerary

Buenos Aires airport

The following is a detailed itinerary of what was done and seen on the excursion to South America. Some of the items on the below list were group activities, while other items are activities in which only I or a portion of the group participated.

November 11 Evening: Departure from the United States
Ovenight: Eight hour flight from Miami to Santiago, Chile on LanChile
November 12 Morning: Flight from Santiago,Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Afternoon: Free to wander around Buenos Aires
Evening: Reception for Smithsonian group; Dinner with a Tango show at the El Querandi Restaurant
November 13 Morning: City tour of Buenos Aires
Afternoon: Tour of San Isidro, Tigre and the Delta areas outside of Buenos Aires
Evening: Free to wander around Buenos Aires
November 14 Morning: Depart on flight for Ushuaia, Argentina
Afternoon: Visit to Tierra del Fuego National Park
Evening: Board the Terra Australis and set sail
November 15 Morning: traveling the Beagle Channel; Glacier Avenue; Landing at Pia Glacier
Afternoon: traveling the Garibaldi Fjord; Viewing of Garibaldi Glacier; Landing to hike in temperate rainforest along Garibaldi Fjord
Overnight: traveling through the rough waters of Desolada Bay and the Cockburn Channel
November 16 Morning: traveling the Gabriel Channel
Afternoon: traveling Brookes Bay; Landing near Brookes Glacier
November 17 Morning: Very early landing at Isla Magdalena, Los Pinguinos National Monument; Disembarkment at Punta Arenas, Chile; City tour of Punta Arenas
Afternoon: Lamb barbeque at Estancia Rio Penitente, with a sheep shearing demonstation after lunch; travel to Puerto Natales
Evening: Free to wander around Puerto Natales, Chile
November 18 Morning: travel to Explora Lodge in Torres del Paine National Park
Afternoon: Lago del Toro half-day hike
November 19 Morning:
Base of the Torres all-day hike
November 20 Morning: Lago Sarmiento half-day hike
Afternoon: Lago Grey half-day hike
November 21 Morning: Guarderia to Guarderia half-day hike
Afternoon: Lamb barbeque at the Quincho Explora
November 22 Morning: Departure for Punta Arenas
Afternoon: Flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago, Chile
November 23 Morning: City tour of Santiago
Afternoon: Flight from Santiago to Calama, Chile
Evening: Arrive at the Explora Lodge in San Pedro de Atacama
November 24 Morning: Las Cornisas half-day hike
Afternoon: Kari Gorge half-day hike
November 25 Morning: 5:00 a.m. departure for El Tatio Geysers and Hot Springs to view sunrise; Visit to the Puritama Hot Springs
Afternoon: Valle de la Luna half-day hike with viewing of sunset
Evening: Lamb barbeque at the Explora Lodge
November 26 Morning: Half-day hike to the top of Volcan El Toco
Afternoon: Depart for Calama; Flight from Calama to Santiago
November 27 Morning: Free to wander around Santiago
Afternoon: Half-day van excursion to the Cajon de Maipo
November 28 Morning:
Full-day van excursion to Valparaiso coast
November 29 Morning:
Free to explore Santiago
November 30 Morning:
Free to explore Santiago
Evening: Flight from Santiago to the United States
December 1 Morning: Arrive home

The map showing the major routes and flight paths taken during the trip.

Map of travel routes