Richard Harwood

Chile - 2001

Recommended Reading

Book vendor in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Below is a list of books or web pages that I recommend for learning more about Chile.

CHILE - A Country Study; Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, Edited by Rex A. Hudson - An excellent source of basic country information, history, government, economy, military, etc.

Chile and Easter Island, by Wayne Bernhardson, Lonely Planet Publications, ISBN 1-86450-088-3 - For those of you who are not familiar with the Lonely Planet travel guides, these are very good guides to travel within a country. I have used the books for Chile and Australia and found them very useful. NOTICE: The author of this book has informed me that his edition of the book is no longer available as he has moved to Moon Travel handbooks. However, there is a current version of this book available from Lonely Planet by different authors. I have not looked at this new version, but if it is up to the quality of the other Lonely Planet guides, I'm sure it will be good.

Culture Shock! Chile - by Susan Roraff and Laura Camacho, Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, ISBN 1-55868-402-6 - A candid and readable look at Chilean culture from the perspective of an expatriot living in Chile, including the do's and don'ts in social Chile.

South America, by César Caviedes and Gregory Knapp, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-825118-5 - This book is a college level textbook designed for an introductory cultural geography course on South America. It provides a good overall description of the continent for those that are not familiar with the geographic, ethnic, cultural, economic and political diversity of South America.

The following are references to articles in the National Geographic Magazine dealing with various aspects of Chile.

Deep Into the Land of Extremes: Probing Chile's Wild Coast: 2001 June
In the Shadow of the Andes: A Personal Journey: 2001 Feb.
Most Ancient Americans: 1997 Oct.
Rare Cat Caught on Chilean Isle: 1997 Oct.
Stalking the Elusive Patagonia Puma: 1996 Dec.
Chile's Chinchorro Mummies: 1995 Mar.
Chile's Uncharted Cordillera Sarmiento: 1994 Apr.
Shielded by Volcanoes, Flamingos Still Need Help: 1992 Aug.
Forest's Living History Imperiled by Logging: 1991 Sept.
Milking a Cloud for All It's Worth--Water: 1991 Oct.
Patagonia Puma: The Lord of Land's End: 1991 Jan.
Chile: Acts of Faith: 1988 July
High Andes: South America's Islands in the Sky: 1987 Apr.
Living With Guanacos: Wild Camels of South America: 1981 July
To Torre Egger's Icy Summit: 1976 Dec.
Chile, Republic on a Shoestring: 1973 Oct.
Lost Empire of the Incas: 1973 Dec.
Housewife at the End of the World: 1971 Jan.
In the Wake of Darwin's [Beagle]: 1969 Oct.
Chile, the Long and Narrow Land: 1960 Feb.
Capital and Chief Seaport of Chile: 1944 Oct.
Chile's Land of Fire and Water: 1941 July
Twin Stars of Chile: Valparaiso, the Gateway, and Santiago, the Capital: 1929 Feb.
Longitudinal Journey Through Chile: 1922 Sept.