Richard Harwood

Chile - 2001

Santiago - City Center

Santiago, Chile

Santiago is pretty typical for a big city as far as I am concerned - lots of people in a hurry to get where they are going; lots of traffic (Santiago has more buses than I've ever seen in any other city), lots of noise, plenty of pollution, and some interesting sights as well. I can honestly say that I am not fond of big cities, and would rather spend my time hiking and traveling around the countryside. Dispite that, I did spend a few days in Santiago, wandering around looking at the sights. Below you'll find a few links to views of the city and some of the spots that I found a little more interesting or enjoyable.

The night view from my hotel room.

Living statue: This man is earning money on the street by being a statue. He was amazing! He moved slowly, just as you would expect a statue to move if it could, and played to his audience. In the last picture of this series he is posing for me and the camera.

Cerro Santa Lucia: This is the location where Santiago was formally founded in 1541.

Mercado Central (Central Market)

Plaza de Armas: This is the central park for the city of Santiago.