Richard Harwood

Chile - 2001

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

We left Miami on November 11th and had an overnight flight to Santiago. I'm too tall to ever be completely comfortable in coach seats, so sleeping, while possible, is never very restful. We arrived in Santiago early in the morning and proceeded to catch a morning flight to Buenos Aires. After a few more hours in the air, we arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 12th. Buenos Aires is where the entire group gathers for the first time, as those of us coming from Miami met up with those coming from the west coast.

Our stay in Buenos Aires was a relatively short one, before heading off to Tierra del Fuego. Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, we went to the hotel to check in, then we were given the afternoon off to do as we pleased. I did a walk around the city center, taking pictures and seeing the sights. In the early evening we gathered for a welcome reception. Here is where we all got our first chance to meet everyone in the group. After the reception we headed off to dinner, that also included a Tango show at the El Querandi Restaurant.

November 13th started out with a bus tour of the city center. Stops were made at Parque Mayo, the Cementerio de la Recoleta and La Boca. Once again, for the afternoon, we were given time to do what we liked. I opted to go on a guided tour out to the outlying areas of Buenos Aires, including the town of San Isidro and the area known as The Delta.

The morning of November 14th saw the group on the move as we caught our flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina, and Tierra del Fuego.

The map of the Buenos Aires region shows some of the areas that were visited.

Map of Buenos Aires and surrounding area The Delta San Isidro City Center La Boca